Javier Robles Update

Javier Robles Update

Javier Robles

Sometime last year I wrote an article on a Mexican League Game that I attended that featured a player that made me sit up and take notice, Javier Robles. Not long ago I wrote an article highlighting Robles’ Crash Davis-like achievement of 200HR. I contacted the Campeche Piratas for more information and this is what they sent back to me.

Javier Robles
With thanks to Carlos Martin Carvajal Medina, President of the Campeche Piratas, I am able to provide you with Javier Robles’ career statistics here.  Robles was born in the baseball hotbed of Mexico, Sinaloa (Los Mochis, to be exact) in 1970 and will be turning 38 years young in the next couple of weeks.  He got all of 32 AB in the R Appalachian League before packing it in for the Mexican League. Why no love for Robles? Maybe the language cultural barrier was too much for him, but I am only speculating. He has had stellar years offensively in a man’s league like the Mexican League, however where I see his limitations perhaps being exposed is in his fielding, where his fielding percentage is mediocre. 

His 2005 season begs the question: was he taking over the counter Mexican steroids or just reached his peak at a late age? I feel like a fine wine he gets better with age…

Download your Javier Robles wallpaper here.

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  1. says: Kman

    Pretty decent stats, nice slugging & about a 1:1 SO/BB ratio, which is really good. Lack of MLB probably a case of timing. With the success of recent Mexican Leaguers Cust & Soria I’m sure more players will be getting looks vs the 1990’s.

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