Jays 2012 Promo Schedule: More Bobbles, Better Opponents

The Toronto Blue Jays recently released their 2012 promotion schedule. Here’s what’s on tap for the upcoming season:


Item Giveaway Promos

Rally Towel

Opening Night, April 9th, 45,000 units

Magnetic Schedules

Opening Weekend, All Fans on April 9th, 10K units on 10th, 10K units on 11th


June 20th, Brandon Morrow, 20,000 units

July 3rd, Yunel Escobar, 20,000 units

August 19th, Ricky Romero, 20,000 units

2012 Team Card Set

June 13th, 25,000 units

Batting Helmet 

June 17th, 20,000 units

Hat Day

August 12th, 20,000 units

Jr.Jays T-Shirt

September 29th, 10,000 units

Home Hardware T-Shirt

September 30th, 20,000 units


Friday Promos

Lesters Grand Slam Combo Dates – Fridays

Gorge yourself combo with free grub and non-alcoholic beverages. Added bonus: Watching people from Red Flag Deals sneaking hot dogs into their backpacks. At first glance, this promotion takes place of the usual ex-Jays Friday lovefest.

  • April 13th, April 27th
  • May 18th
  • June 29th
  • July 13th, July 27th
  • Aug 17th,  Aug 31st

Friday Fan Festivals

  • July 13th, July 27th
  • Aug 17th,  Aug 31st


Weekly Promos

Jr. Jays Saturdays

Tweeting Tuesdays



I’m surprised shocked to see the caliber of opponent on giveaway days.

  • Escobar Bobble vs Boston
  • Morrow Bobble vs Mets
  • Romero Bobble vs Texas
  • Batting Helmet vs Philly
  • Hat Day vs Yankees

Certainly the Red Sox, Phillies & Yankee games aren’t in need of an attendance push. And it goes without saying that a good portion of these items will make their way into ‘enemy’ fans hands. I imagine the logic behind this is the increased atmosphere of big name opponents vs a weekend game against the KC Royals.

The promo department stepped up, listened to fans complaining (myself included) about quantity, increasing the number of units given away at each promo event. Ebayers beware, your per unit value has likely dropped. While I’d like to see a few more promos mixed in (especially in July, where there are no giveaways), this years promo schedule is a step in the right direction.


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