Jays in Danger of Falling Down to .500. Defending World Series Champ up next

The Jays are in danger of falling down to .500 on the season as they head to Philly for their series with the defending champs.


Game 1: Romero vs Hamels

Cole has been human this season, allowing 10 HR in 62.1 IP, along with an opponents .300 batting average. However he is only one start removed from pitching to only two over the minimum in a shutout vs the Dodgers. The Jays 2009 #2, Ricky Romero, goes for the Jays. If Ricky can keep the ball on the ground he’ll have a shot. However he’s allowed 7 HR in his past four starts.

Game 2: Richmond vs Moyers

In game two Scott Richmond and his very high linedrive & flyball ratios take the mound. I don’t like Richmond in this ballpark. If Josh Beckett is hitting Jacks in homer friendly Citizen Bank Park park what will the Phils order do against Richmond? On the plus side they face Jamie Moyer, a pitcher that’s allowed an astronomical 14 HR in 66.1 IP. He hasn’t allowed an HR in two starts and has thrown three quality starts in a row but I still like the Jays chances offensively vs the old-man lefty.

Game 3: Janssen vs Blanton

In game three pitching to contract starter Casey Janssen (and his opponents .354 batting average) face off against Joe Blanton. Pitching to contact vs the Phillies at Citizen’s = trouble. Phils starter Joe Blanton has thrown four quality starts in a row and this season is a bit of a strikeout pitcher (65 K in 71.1 IP). He’s another longball candidate, allowing 14 this season.

I don’t forsee games two and three being pitchers duals. An all around tough match-up for the Jays, I’d be happy with taking one of three in the upcoming series. I’m not being a pessimist here, those are my realistic expectations. If you’re going to any of these games and sitting in the bleachers bring your glove. There are going to be a ton of longballs.

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    “casey janssen, pitching to contract” – intentional, or freudian slip?! as in he’s pitching like someone worth $400k a year?!

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