Jays Terrible Outfield D


With the trading of Rios and the ascension of Randy Ruiz the new look Jays outfield is Lind in LF, Wells in CF and Snider in RF. Good god, that’s such a terrible defensive alignment.

We all know about Vernon Wells troubles in CF. The man who’s an RBI away from 50 is still the MLB’s worst defensive CF by a country mile. His UZR/150 of -25.5, Range score of -24.4 and overall negative fielding runs of -22.2 are all MLB worst from the CF position.

Adam Lind has improved his D this season and obviously his offensive production makes it easier to swallow his lower than average range factor and -8.4 UZR/150. The fact is he’s still below average.

Travis Snider has been pushed as a better than advertised defender but his overall UZR/150 score of -10.2 in 2009 is a problem. The other day the Red Sox ran on his arm in a 7-7 game (tagging from second to third) and I could see teams continuing to do so throughout a full season. Snider’s arm can hack it in LF but not RF at the MLB level. I also worry as he continues to grow that we will see his mobility diminish.


I’m not sure. Ruiz is getting some outfield workouts in-between games but his minor league fielding stats were well below replacement level. Will we have to live with the defensive short comings of our outfield? Will this even be that big of an issue? The Yanks regularly have Swisher and Damon in the corners (albeit with a plus CF in Cabrera or Gardner). If you have a solution please share it in the comment section, I’m at a loss.

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4 replies on “Jays Terrible Outfield D”
  1. says: Mattt

    Hopefully Overbay is moved, Lind goes to first, Snider to left, the Jays increase payroll to 120 millionish and all is good. If Doc gets moved, which is possible, make sure they take Vernon as well. With an increase in payroll as promised and moving Wells, unfortuately at the expense of Doc, the whole team could be remade. This is all just make believe…

  2. says: Tommy

    First off, I’m sick of all these Randy Ruiz haters. Less than replacement level? Are you inhaling the excess air from gas canisters? Ruiz is the fastest mofo on the planet, plus if you think Lind’s batting makes up for him running like a girl, than Ruiz’s bat as a starting fixture will do more than that. Can you say sixty? As in Sixty homeruns from Ruiz?!?

  3. says: Mark

    Yeah I really like the idea of packaging Wells and Halladay. Don’t know how many teams out there (if any) would still give up a valuable prospect in such a deal, but that would take care of the biggest problem in Toronto. Also one of Lind or Snider needs to DH.

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