Jays Release Maroth, Takahashi & others

Jays Release Maroth, Takahashi & others


(Hat tip to Baseball America via Bluebird Banter)

The Jays have released the following players from the organization:

LHP Ken Takahashi, LHP Mike Maroth, 1B Chip Cannon, OF Wayne Lydon, RHP Rick Bauer, RHP Mike MacDonald, RHP Dan Miller, RHP Jay Monti, RHP Seth Overbey, RHP Edward Rodriguez, RHP Orlando Roman, LHP Daryl Harang, LHP Brian Letko, LHP A.J. Wideman, C Joel Collins, 1B Adam Amar, SS Marcos Cabral, OF Jacob Butler, OF Chris Demons, OF Cory Patton

Nothing too surprising here. J.P. entered the Japanese waters with Takahashi and apparently didn’t like it. Takahashi (Mopupduty.com Bio here) was a long-shot to stick with the organization. He just didn’t have the stuff.

Maroth was given some bio love by the Toronto sports media this off-season. Must have been a slow day. Maroth was once considered a backend starter during his days with the Tigers but things just didn’t pan out. The following image is from Maroth’s own website. J.P., do you have no heart?


Chip Cannon once had value. Big value. Here’s a quote from a 2006 MLB.com article;

He was the most dynamic offensive force on the star-studded circuit. On Tuesday, he was honored for his magnificent year when he was presented with the Joe Black Most Valuable Player Award in an awards ceremony at the Winter Meetings… Cannon was the only player on the circuit to reach double figures in home runs, easily outdistancing Ryan Braun

Nice work J.P. You should have pulled the trigger on a trade. And this time we’re not playing monday morning quarterback. Our quote from way back on Nov 13th 2006;

…he’s yet another first baseman, and the Jays have plenty of 1B/DH types in the system. Cannon’s stock will never be higher, so JP & the Jays would be wise to sell at the top end of the market, and bring in a solid CF, 3B or preferably a pitching prospect.

Instead he’s just another casualty.

The final player of note released is Wayne Lydon. He’s a poor man’s Brett Gardner (if that’s saying something). I can see him catching on somewhere as a AAAA type player.

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