Jays Sign Takahashi

Jays Sign Takahashi

Remember when JP hired all those new scouts and said that now he will have the resources to maybe get a lefty arm from Japan who could be a middle reliever or a 5th starter? Well it looks like that self fulfilling prophecy has come to pass only a few short days later.

Left-hander Ken Takahashi, who declared himself a free agent from the Hiroshima Carp with the hope of playing in the major leagues, has agreed to a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays, his agent said Monday.
Takahashi’s agent Go Nakanishi said Takahashi, who hopes to earn promotion to the majors, has received an invitation to the team’s spring training camp. His contract is for one year.

Takahashi is a fairly typical lefty with a high leg kick. Below is footage of him playing for the Hiroshima Carp.

[youtube t02Zyzwz4iI]

FYI he strikes out Hideki Matsui at 2:18, if that means anything to you.

Takahashi throws a fastball, slider, sinker, curve and circle change.  Ken posted a 3.50 ERA and 5.52 K/9 in 115.6 innings (20 starts) last year in Japan.

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2 replies on “Jays Sign Takahashi”
  1. says: Kman

    I wasn’t too impressed with the Takahashi video. His fastball doesn’t seem to have any movement.

    Checking his career stats…

    Looks like Ken is a low level swing starter in Japan. 39 Years old. In the past two seasons (227.6 IP) he’s allowed 29 HR.

    I can’t see him turning into anything.

    On the plus side this may be a ‘signal’ that the Jays are serious about bringing in Japanese players, so from that perspective and the low cost of the transaction I can’t really fault the move.

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