Blue Jays @ Tigers: Liveblog

All in all, not the most exciting affair.  Plenty of offense, a little sloppiness and a Bubbie Buzachero appearance.  That’s about all you can ask for.  Brett Cecil looks pretty far behind and Rzep made a few mistakes.  Dopirak and Ruiz looked well today and Hoffpauir cemented the fact that he is a defensive liability. For the Tigers, Jacob Turner impressed as did the speed of Gustavo Nunez.

3:59 Dopirak strikes out to end the game.  Tigers win 10-7.

3:58 Dopirak is the Jays’ last hope.

3:57 Ruiz follows suit with a ground out. 2 out.

3:56 Reed flies out to LF for the first out of the inning.

3:55 Jeremy Reed leads off the 9th inning.

3:55 It is Josh Rainwater, of course!

3:53 Diaz mercifully grounds out to 1B.  We go to the top of the 9th. Who will close it out for the Tigers?

3:52 That’s a double for Dlugach. Robinson Diaz at bat.

3:51 Dlugach clears the bases and the Tigers take a 10-7 lead.

3:50 Castro walks. Dlugach up. Base hit puts the Tigers ahead.

3:49 Ball 1 to Kory Castro.

3:48 Cito, not looking too impressed, comes out to talk to Bubbie. Chat lasts about a second and a half. Bubbie stays in.

3:47 RBI single for Jeff Larish as he lines it off Bubbie’s backside. Tie game, 7-7.

3:47 Bubbie tries to nibble and walks Boesch. Jeff Larish up.

3:46 Buzachero’s fastball topping out at 87mph.

3:45 Buzachero pounds the zone with junk and gets Wilken Ramirez to fly out.

3:43 Bubbie Buzachero sighting! On now in relief of Brett Cecil.

3:41 Bruce Walton comes out to change pitchers.

3:40 Ciriaco hits it to the warning track but Aguila is there to track it down. 1 out.

3:37 Nunez has crazy speed and is on with an infield hit.

3:36 3 straight balls from Cecil to Nunez.

3:35 Gustavo Nunez at bat.  Brett Cecil still in the game for the T-Dot.

3;33 Just got hassled.  Back now and the Tigers just got out of it. Bottom of the 8th we go.

3:31 Pastornicky flies out to LF after what seemed like a 30 pitch at bat. 1 out.

3:29 Aaron Matthews is also subbed in for Travis Snider now.

3:28 The previous hitter was JP Arencibia, with the base hit.

3:27 Looks like Pastornicky is up now.

3:26 Enrique Gonzalez back at it again. A leadoff base hit for the “Toronto Player” as we are treated to another pointless interview with Alex Avila.

3:23  The Tigers’ hitter grounds out to end the inning, whoever he was.  These Tigers announcers are kinda sorta bad.  Not as bad as you know who but I would like to know who is up to bat, who is being substituted etc. etc.

3:22 Looks like the relief pitcher Gonzalez was Enrique, if anyone cares.

3:21 Diaz (who?) gets an infield base hit for the Tigers. Runners on 1B & 2B, 2 out.

3:20 Cecil strikes out Brent Dlugach on what looks to be a slider. 2 out.

3:18 Cecil is all over the place as Castro works a walk.

3:17 Kory Castro at bat for the Tigers.

3:16 Cecil strikes out Jeff Larish swinging for the first out.

3:16 7-6 now for the Blue Jays.

3:15 It looks like he crushed a Cecil changeup and swung with only one hand!

3:14 Correction: Brennan, not Brendan.  And Boesch takes Cecil YARD!

3:13 Cecil still in for the Jays. Brendan Boesch leads off for the Tigers.

3:12 We are heading into the bottom of the 7th with the Jays up on the Tigers 7-5.

[youtube ygUyVyjjiyU]

3:11 Aguila flies out. Stretch time!

3:10 Gonzalez in to pitch for the Tigers against Chris Aguila.  His first name? Yo no se.

3:07 Pitching change! Woohoo!

3:07 Sorry I have a coworker bugging me. It would be nice if she would leave me alone so I would know whats going on.  Travis Snider just walked.

3:05 Something happened.  Not sure what. Ruiz scored and it is 7-5.

3:03 Brad Thomas pitching around Randy Ruiz. 3-0.

3:00 Emaus flies out to Casper Wells 2 out, 1 more until the 7th inning stretch.

2:59 Andy Ciriaco in at 3B, Dlugach at 2B for the Tigers. Hoffpauir flies out to Larish at 1B. 1 out.

2:58 Hoffpauir leads off for the Jays.

2:56 Cecil gets Wilken (?) Ramirez to strike out to end the inning.

2:54 Sizemore gets one in his wheelhouse and strokes the fastball for a double.

2:53 How useful is this outing for Cecil when all the Tiger hitters know what is coming and are just waiting on the fastball in the zone?

2:52 Tie game: 5-5.

2:51 The calamity of errors continues with a throwing error from Brett Cecil to 1B.

2:49 Ugh. Classic Spring Training play. One of the Tigers hitters – who knows, Damon is still running his mouth – hit a double down the line.  Casper Wells tried to score but was out by a mile.  However Molina flubbed the throw and he is safe.

2:48 Doesn’t look like Cecil will attempt any curves yet. All gas so far.

2:47 Check that – not Mills but Cecil.

2:46 Same play, only this time Hoffpauir with a throwing error. 9235th of the Spring.

2:45 Pointless interview with Johnny Damon.  Whoever was up for the Tigers grounded out to Hoffpauir.  A lefty pitching for the Jays – looks like Mills.

2:42 Pastornicky flies out and we head to the home half of the 6th. 5-3 Blue Jays.

2:41 Here come the subs for the Tigers: Ramirez for Damon, Boesch for Ordonez, Larish for Cabrera.

2:39 Molina hits a high chopper to SS and is unable to cash in Aguila. 2 out.

2:38 Jose Molina at bat.  Infield in for the Tigers.

2:37 Aguila slides in to 3B with a wind blown triple off the RF wall.

2:36 Travis Snider grounds out to SS but shows some surprising wheels in the process.

2:36 5-3 for the Blue Jays.

2:35 Dopirak goes oppo with a HR!

2:35 Thomas is a lefty, so Snider should be in deep.

2:34 Ruiz with a lead off double – of course!

2:34 Brad Thomas now pitching for the Tigers.

2:32 Ruiz, Dopirak, Snider should get the call unless they are pinch-hit for.

2:31 Cabrera grounds out to Emaus. Inning over, top of the 6th we go!

2:30 Magglio grounds into the 4-6-3 double play. 2 down.

2:28 Damon works a walk from Janssen, who is a little wild  early on.

2:27 Casey Janssen in for the Blue Jays to face Johnny Damon.

2:26 By the way, Brent Dlugach is playing 3B right now for the Tigers and he bobbled the Emaus grounder.

2:25 Jeremy Reed lines out to SS to end the threat. Home half of the 5th coming up.

2:23 The hit-and-run is on, Emaus grounds out to 3B, Hoffpauir advances to 2B.

2:22 3-0 to Emaus.

2:21 Turner all over the place now, Avila comes out to settle him down.

2:21 Turner loses Hoffpauir on an inside fastball for the BB.

2:19 Pastornicky flies out to RF for the first out of the inning.

2:17 Jacob Turner still in the game.

2:16 In theory, Pastornicky, Hoffpauir and Emaus are due up in the top of the 5th.

2:15 Sizemore steps into one but it dies at the track and into Aguila’s glove in CF. Inning over, Rzep works out of the jam.

2:14 Gustavo Nunez strikes out looking on a Rzepczynski breaking ball on the outside corner. 2 out.

2:11 Casper Wells hits one just beyond the reach of Travis Snider.  It rolls to the wall, Avila is held up at 3B.

2:10 Alex Avila, base hit to CF.

2:09 Inge pops up to Emaus. 1 out.

2:08 Inge leads off and Rzep still in for the Blue Jays.

2:06 Molina strikes out looking at a very nice bender from Turner.  He looked good but the Jays helped him look good – he won’t get away with throwing 93mph straight fastballs at the big league level.

2:03 Snider strikes out – of course! Aguila follows up with a fly out for the 2nd out of the inning.

2:03 Snider can’t catch up to a 93mph follow up fastball.

2:02 Turner is advertised as a fireballer. First pitch is a 91mph fastball to Snider.

2:01 Hot shot prospect Jacob Turner now pitching for the Tigers.

1:59 Guillen flies out to end the inning.  We’re off to the top of the 4th.  Snider, Aguila, Molina due up for the Jays but.. you never know.

1:57 Rzep flashes his nasty slider and fools Carlos Guillen on it for strike 1.

1:56 Cabrera strokes a 2-out double to the gap.

1:55 Maggs grounds out to Hoffpauir at 3B who makes a strong throw to 1B.  2 out with Miguel Cabrera up.

1:53 Looks like Damon got out, somehow. Maggs is up.  Leyland still waggling his tongue.

1:52 Interview with whiskey-voiced Leyland. Bla bla bla bla.

1:50 Dopirak goes down on strikes yet again to end the inning.  He’s not looking like the golden child that he was last season.

1:49 Wild pitch by Galarraga.  Emaus scores. Tie game!

1:47 Ruiz down on strikes. 2 out with Brian Dopirak at bat.

1:45 Jays swinging early and often. Reed lines one off the 1B glove, is out at 1B on the force but Emaus to 2B. Ruiz at bat.

1:44 Emaus with a 2-run base hit to RF. 3-2 now for the Tigers.

1:43 Hoffpauir follows that up with a double down the line. Pastornicky to 3B.

1:42 Galarraga is obviously no McGowan.  Pastornicky rips a bullet up the middle for a base hit.

1:41 Pastornicky, Hoffpauir, Emaus due up for the Blue Jays.

1:40 No matter, Sizemore strikes out swinging.

1:39 Sizemore battles back to a full count after being down 0-2.

1:37 Gustavo Nunez flies out to CF.  2 out.

1:35 Rzep throwing what look to be strikes, not all of them being called that way.  Casper Wells hits a base hit to LF.

1:34 Avila grounds out on the first pitch from Rzep. Groundballs!!

1:33 Avila, Wells, Nunez due up for the Tigers in the bottom of the 2nd.

1:32 Molina hits a flare and that’s all for the Jays this inning.  You’ll have to wait with baited breath for Pastornicky next inning…

1:31 Jose Molina at bat.  Taylor Pastornicky – who was dominated by Dustin McGowan in his simulated game – is on deck.

1:30 Aguila flies out to shallow RF and Ruiz holds at 3B. 2 out.

1:27 Chris Aguila at bat. Who?

1:27 Base hit for Snider to RF, Ruiz advances to 3B. 2 on, 1 out.

1:25 Dopirak goes down swinging feebly.

1:23 Base hit to RF for Ruiz.

1:23 Randy Ruiz leads off for the Jays

1:20 Inge flies out to end the inning. Rzep fooling no one. Well, except Ordoñez.

1:18 First pitch swinging is a HR for Miguel Cabrera. Score that as a 2 run shot. 3-0 for the Tigers.

1:17 Rzep flashes a plus breaking ball but gets squeezed on the call (it is Spring Training for umps too!) Next pitch strikes out Ordoñez. 1 out. Cabrera up.

1:15 Damon is walked.

1:15 3-1 to Damon.

1:13 Just as I say that… next pitch is left up and Sizemore crushes it for a HR.

1:13 First pitch from Rzep is perfect – a strike low and away. He will be successful if he can live there.

1:12 Sizemore, Damon, Ordoñes to lead off for the Tigers.

1:10pm Galaragga’s PFP has paid off as he gets Jeremy Reed on a short chopper. 1-2-3 inning for Armando.

1:09pm Emaus follows suit with a flyout to Casper Wells in CF.

1:08pm Hoffpauir flies out weakly for out #1.

1:06 Jarrett Hoffpauir leads off and takes ball 1.

1:04pm For full lineups, hit up MLBastian.

1:02pm Starting for the Jays is Mark Rzep and for the Tigers it is Armando Galarraga.

1:01pm It’s a go!

12:50pm As long as we’re not blacked out, we’ll be liveblogging the game in 10 minutes.

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  1. says: LJ

    It’s such a pain to try to follow when the audio is just the audio of the TV broadcast, not a radio broadcast. (At least I’m assuming that’s the case.)

  2. Turner wasn’t too special until you take into consideration he is only 18. Fastball was typically 91mph, topped out at 93. Straight, not much movement. Pitchers are still ahead of hitters at this point so he got away with a few things. I was impressed with his poise though, not afraid to be aggressive, throw strikes and attack hitters. He went inside a few times which I liked. That being said, this was the Jays scrub squad.

    1. says: Kman

      Tigers are building a nice young core with Porcello, Turner and Perry.

      (comment is really just an excuse to use the new reply feature. Yeah!)

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