John Buck hits 3 HR in one game. Did he break any Jays Records?


Blue Jays catcher John Buck entered Thursday night with one home run and a mighty .155 AVG. A three home run game later he’s bumped his average up .49 points and nearly doubled his season RBI total.

This one game performance bumped Buck’s OPS from .499 to .707!

This is the first time Buck has ever hit three HR in a major league game. Previously he launched 2 HR on five different occasions. Buck matched his all-time high of 5 RBI.

How does this game rank with the all-time Jays catching records?

  • This was only the third 3 HR game by a Toronto Blue Jays catcher, with previous games happening back in 2000 by Darrin Fletcher and 1987 by Ernie Whitt.
  • In-fact, this is only the 20th time a Jays catcher has hit at least 2 HR in a game. Past 2 HR games belong to Fletcher, Whitt, Zaun, Myers, Santiago, Barajas, Tom Wilson, O’Brien, Lance Parrish and the light hitting Buck Martinez.
  • Buck’s 5 RBI falls just short of the 6 RBI record by a C, held by Charlie O’Brien and Ernie Whitt.
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    • Alain

      It was a lovely game to watch, just hitting dingers all night, although would ahve been better if it was Wells. Although back to back homers out of 8 and 9 spots is pretty fantastic. Hill just needs to find his groove again.

    • One of those games I wish I was Biff from Back to the Future.