John Gibbons Idioit Proclaims Google & Wikipedia

John Gibbons Idioit Proclaims Google & Wiki


Yesterday I wanted some more info on Jays manager John Gibbons. Who wouldn’t? Is he really just an ex-bullpen catcher put in place to be GM JP Ricciardi’s puppet? Does he have any more crendentials other than being a surly bastard that likes to fight and bitch out his players in the media? I turned to Google for the answer. Apparently John Gibbons is an idiot. That’s what the internet told me, honest!

Google Search Results for Term : John Gibbons (note #3)


Awesome. I had to give the cached version a click. Over at Wiki some pissed off Jays fan gave Gibby’s Wiki entry a much needed overhaul.

Screen Cap John Gibbons Wiki Entry


This has sinced been removed by the dastardly Goldsac.

Wiki History Page


Who am I to argue with the Wiki?

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3 replies on “John Gibbons Idioit Proclaims Google & Wikipedia”
  1. says: Early

    I think Gibbons is a better manager than when he started. He doesn’t bitch out players (Hillenbrand, Lilly) anymore he handled the Thomas situation properly in the media. His bullpen management etc are alot better now than in 2005-06 but I still think he has to go. No hits last night after a night off, the players have to get the hits but they are wasting great starts by their starters. He still has to get fired.

  2. says: Kelli Winkey

    It is my opinion Gibbons is really a better fx broker than when ever he initiated. He doesn’t bitch away players (Hillenbrand, Lilly) any longer he worked the Jones situation properly during the media. His bullpen software etc are actually alot more suitable now in comparison with in 2005-06 but I continue to think fresh to go. No hits yesterday evening after some night shut off, the players really need to get the hits however they are misusing great will begin by their starters. He still will have to get dismissed.

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