Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Free Baseball MP3

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Free Baseball MP3



This will be the first, in what will become a regular Friday series of free MP3’s here at Mop Up Duty. Public Domain is the name of the game, so if a file has no copyright then we’ll post and host it. We’ll start with a classic song, originally published in 1941.
There aren’t too many strangers to Joe DiMaggio and his accomplishments. Some of his main highlights include being elected to the Hall of Fame, his 56 game hitting streak in the major leagues, his 61 game hitting streak in the Pacific Coast League, a total of three MVP awards, and a member of nine World Series winning teams. If you want a more complete story on DiMaggio and his history, then you can head over to the Baseball Hall of Fame Joe DiMaggio Bio.



The song Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio was arranged by Ben Homer and Alan Courtney, was performed by the Les Brown Orchestra and sung by Betty Bonney, all in 1941. The song celebrates DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. Remember to add bookmark us or add us to your RSS feed, as next week we will post an episode of the Dizzy Dean show. Below are the lyrics & a download link for a high quality version of Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio;
Free Baseball MP3: Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio




Hello Joe, whatta you know?
We need a hit so here I go.
Ball one (Yea!)
Ball two (Yea!)
Strike one (Booo!)
Strike two (Kill that umpire!)
A case of Wheaties

He started baseball’s famous streak
That’s got us all aglow
He’s just a man and not a freak,
Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio.

Joe, Joe DiMaggio
We want you on our side

He tied the mark at forty-four
July the 1st you know
Since then he’s hit a good twelve more
Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

Joe, Joe DiMaggio
We want you on our side

From coast to coast that’s all you’ll hear
Of Joe the one man show
He’s glorified the horsehide sphere
Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

Joe, Joe DiMaggio
We want you on our side

He’ll live in baseball’s Hall of Fame
He got there blow by blow
Our kids will tell their kids his name
Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

We dream of Joey with the light brown plaque
Joe, Joe DiMaggio
We want you on our side

And now they speak in whispers low
Of how they stopped our Joe
One night in Cleveland Oh Oh Oh
Goodbye streak DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio

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