Josh Roenicke’s Nubian Princess


Hi everyone, Mr. X here and it has been a posting rennaissance for me over the last week and a half.  Thanks to Baseball’s Hottest Wives, Blue Jays Wives & Girlfriends & Mr X’s Leftovers much interest has been generated in the significant others of Major League ballplayers.  Thank you for visiting everyone, it gives me a reason to exist.  I have continued sleuthing into the seedy underbellies of our floundering Jays players and stumbled upon a real gem attached to possible-future-closer Josh Roenicke.  Not only does he have a great arm but he has a true beauty on his arm.  She is incredibly gorgeous and is the sister of one of the Washington Nationals players.





What a smile!

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One reply on “Josh Roenicke’s Nubian Princess”
  1. says: Callum

    I like his arm too. In fact, he is one of the select few (very very few) Jays relievers I feel comfortable with in the later innings. He is still young so his command is only going to improve. I like what the future holds.

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