Josh Towers Speaks

Josh Towers Speaks 


Today Josh Towers spoke as to why he sucked so bad in 2006.

He will turn 30 on Feb.26 and he has been looking back with a critical eye at the way he was living his life and what changes needed to be made. 

“Understanding when I can have a drink, an alcoholic beverage, and how it affects my body,” Towers said.

“Sleep, what it means to my body and myself. And staying away from fast food, which is something I really liked. Now I’m understanding a lot more how important it is to understand my body.”

“I feel like I have grown up a lot; I feel like I have more respect and responsibility for what I do,” said Towers, who is in a battle to regain a starting job with the Jays after a 2-10, 8.42 ERA season in 2006.

A professional athlete realizing that alcohol and fast food have a negative impact on performance…. at the age of 30?  Hmmmmmm.

Josh Towers

Towers had to deconstruct many of the personal aspects that made him popular with fans, players and management and win the battle of self-doubt.

So he looked up Roy Halladay, who has acquired the mental strength Towers desires.

Towers became somewhat of a Halladay shadow. They can be seen running together on the streets surrounding the Jays’ spring training complex. They work out at the same time. Towers is just behind or just in front of Halladay when they take the dreaded PFP (pitchers’ fielding practice).

“Honestly, I’ve always tried to follow him. He’s our leader and everyone in some way or shape or form follows what he does,” Towers said.

“Hey, I don’t have anything to fall back on, this is it for me. … I’m not ready to quit baseball. I’m 30 and I should have a lot more left to give,” Towers said.

“I don’t want to disrespect anyone (in management), but I don’t want to sign another Triple-A contract next season. So I have to understand my situation. I have to grow up.”

So will Halladay’s magic pixie dust be able to resurrect Towers career and vault him into the rotation this year? Mr. X doesn’t think so. 

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2 replies on “Josh Towers Speaks”
  1. says: Early

    Doesn’t have anything to fall back on? What a fruit this guy is. He was paid $2.3 million for 62 terrible innings last year. He should be able to fall back into a mattress stuffed with $100 bills. He is so out of touch. Maybe he made 3.2million “pixie dust” straws He is not ready to quit baseball but isn’t going to sign a AAA contract. AAA is still considered baseball last time I checked. What a fruit, this boils the blood. I hope he makes the team just so I get a chance to heckle him. And great photo of him, a candid Jim Ackeresque “just gave up a first inning 3-run shot look”. What a fruit.

  2. says: Kman

    “He’s done a great job for us since he’s been here, he’s got the second-most wins behind Halladay. That warrants us trying to keep him around,” said Ricciardi.

    One thing that we have to remember is this. Outside of his base salary, Josh will receive a $50,000 bonus when (not if…) he wins the Cy Young in 2007. So he should stop his bitching, there’s another $50,000 to line his pockets with.

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