Julio Franco Retires

Julio Franco Retires


Julio Franco anunció su retiro

That’s the headline over on the Mexican side of milb.com . We’ve got the translated text and some Franco love inside.

Here is the translated text of the article from the Mexican Milb.com website:

(Tigers Club) .- This Wednesday at the end of the second game of the series of Tigers face Petroleum, the Dominican July Franco announced the directive feline his retirement as a player definitely active.
After analyzing the situation with the family, the Dominican puts an end to a 26-year career as a player where harvested a batting title with the Texas Rangers, most valuable player in the American League in 90, three sets of stars and two batting titles in Mexico.

Franco has a very clear objective, directing a team and continue in baseball, the feline directive lets you open the invitation to join the coaching staff he nevertheless analyze their near future along with his family in the United States.

We’ve covered Julio a few times here at the ole’ Mop Up Duty. Here’s a couple links to our past articles. :

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