Lind’s Deal a Steal for the Jays. Comparison with Justin Upton’s Contract


The Details

The Toronto Blue Jays re-upped Adam Lind to a 4 year contract that guarantees $16 million in salary. The deal could last up to 7 years if the Jays exercise the low-cost team options, brining the total deal to $38.5 million. Lind’s contract includes a small $600 K signing bonus and extends him into his arbitration seasons.

The Comparison


All-star and future MVP candidate Justin Upton also signed a pre-arbitration deal this off-season. Six seasons at $51.25 million. Comparison:

Justin Upton

MLB Service Time = 2.06

Last season: .300/.366/.532 (.899 OPS), 26 HR, 30 2B, 20 SB

2010: $500,000
2011: $4.25 million
2012: $6.75 million
2013: $9.75 million
2014: $14.25 million
2015: $14.5 million
($1.25 signing bonus)

Adam Lind

MLB Service Time = 2.085
Born: 7/17/83

Last season: .305/.370/.562 (.932 OPS), 35 HR, 46 2B, 1 SB

2010: $400,000
2011: $5 million
2012: $5 million
2013: $5 million

Club Based Option Years

2014: $7 million (or $2 million buy-out)
2015: $7.5 million
2016: $8 million
($600,000 signing bonus)

Going forward Upton has more upside and plays an above average RF. On the other hand Lind mashed out a .932 OPS while playing against three tough pitching staffs in an unbalanced AL East scheduling environment. Also in Lind’s favour is the option portion of his contract. If for some reason he begins to seriously regress the Jays can walk away for the low cost of $2 million. The Diamondbacks are locked into Upton until 2015, with the final two seasons at $14+ million salaries.

Serious Win for AA and the Jays

While this is probably more of a media ploy, the Jays can now advertise to prospective free agent hitters some serious line-up protection for the foreseeable future, as both Lind and Hill are locked in until at least 2014 (if club options are exercised).

With recent arbitration rulings netting players higher and higher salaries this deal was a no-brainer from the Jays perspective. I really have to question what Lind and his agent were thinking when they signed this deal?

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3 replies on “Lind’s Deal a Steal for the Jays. Comparison with Justin Upton’s Contract”
  1. Great comparison. Another good one is Nick Markakis of our basement rival Orioles, who will be getting paid $62.5 million for the same 7 years of his career. What a deal!!

  2. says: OTerrry

    While I agree with you main point (Lind’s contract is awesome), your comparison with Justin Upton doesn’t make as much sense. Upton has plus defensive skills in the field, whereas Lind can really only project to be a DH. Addtionally, Upton is 4 years younger than Lind, and could still get much better. Lind at 27 is either at, or close to his prime. If he can sustain his prime, then he is a star and a steal with this contract, but Upton has the potential to be something entirely different.

    1. says: Kman

      From an overall contract situation I’d say the Jays got the better deal. Lind has the chance to be a consistent .900+ OPS player and the contract has only a downside of $18 million ($16 salary + $2 million buyout) vs Upton’s $50+

      I agree, I’d rather have Upton as well. I only used Upton as a comp because they have pretty much the same MLB service time and both deals happened this off-season.

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