Live Game Notes: Buffalo Bisons vs Indianapolis Indians

Buffalo Bisons vs Indianapolis Indians Game Notes

After catching a AAA Buffalo Bisons (Cleveland Indians) game last night vs the Indianapolis Indians (Pittsburgh Pirates)–which the Herd won 4-2– I figured I’d change up the live game notes, since the players listed aren’t household names. Below is a mix of live game notes, bios and overall observations of Brian Bixler, Shane Youman, and Jason Stanford.

Indianapolis Indians 


Buffalo Bisons 



Brian Bixler Pittsburgh Pirates

Brian Bixler

Brian Bixler was a 2nd round pick of the Buccos in 2004, out of Eastern Michigan U. In his final college season, he hit .453 with 74 runs scored. What impressed me most about Bixler was his overall control of the strike zone during the game. He must have had about a 10 pitch walk early in the game, and later hit a home run out to left. After reading up on this guy, I found out that he was an all-star in A ball, and hit .301 in 60 games in AA. The word on the street is that Bixler will most likely move from his current SS position and play 2nd due to Jack Wilson being signed until 2009. Currently, Bixler is hitting .336/.428/.489 for a .917 OPS. The stats do show a high slugging percentage, but it’s made up of mostly doubles and triples, with only 2 HR this season. He also has 6 steals. Brian is one to watch in late 2007, early 2008.

Shane Youman Pittsburgh Pirates

Shane Youman


Shane Youman looked good, as he usually does. Youman has been essentially a career minor leaguer, entering the 2007 season at the age of 27. I’m surprised that the Pirates or another team hasn’t dealt for Shane yet. His ERA numbers from 2004 to 2006 (3.16 A+, 3.92 AA, 1.51 AA, 4.04 AAA). Shane received the proverbial cup of coffee in 2006 and posted a 2.91 ERA in five games, including three starts. Youman doesn’t overpower hitters, as evidenced by his usual 6ish K/9 stats. On this particular evening, Shane used primarily his fastball and a good change as out pitches. Youman would be a good trade candidate for any club and could fit nicely into a #4 or #5 spot in a rotation. If Armas continues to stink the joint up in, I could see Youman getting a call-up in the next month or two.


Jason Stanford Cleveland Indians 


Jason Stanford


Pitching for the Bisons was journeyman Jason Stanford. Signed as an un-drafted free agent in 1999, Stanford worked his way up to the Tribe in the middle of the 2003 season. In 13 games (8 starts) in 2003, Jason had a very respectable 3.60 ERA & 1.28 WHIP. This earned Stanford a spot on the 2004 Indians roster. In his first two starts of the 2004 season, Stanford allowed only 1 run in 11 IP for a 0.82 ERA. Unfortunately for Jason (27 at the time), he toasted his elbow and spent the rest of the 2004 season on the DL. Under close supervision, Stanford came back to limited duty in 2005, working his way up from low A back to AAA. He started the 2006 season in AAA and that’s where he remains to this day. A lefty that would fall under the “crafty” category, Stanford used mostly his fastball, curve and change last night, and allowed only 4 hits in 7 IP. Like Youman, Stanford (and his career 3.35 minor league ERA + 3.10 MLB ERA) is another one of those pitchers that just needs a shot in the majors. Unfortunately for Jason, the Indians have CC, Westbrook, Lee, Byrd, Carmona, Sowers & Miller ahead of him on the pitching totem pool. While he’s no spring chicken at 30, Jason would be worth obtaining in a trade and flung into a #4 or #5 spot on many teams major league rotations.

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    Any chance of crafty Stanford leapfrogging the craftless Sowers? Also, I know it is a bit off topic but what ever happened to Kyle Denney after the driveby?

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    What does is a normal AAA outing for a pitcher? These guys seem to be the Crash Davis’ of their rotation, will they ever throw 100 in a game? What is normal for a prospect?

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