Live Game Notes Rangers 3 at Blue Jays 7

Live Game Notes – Rangers 3 at Blue Jays 7

With an open dome and a sunny day the Jays bats were able to small-ball their way to a convincing win giving the bullpen a margin that even they could feel comfortable with.

The Jays were able to get to Rangers starter Brandon McCarthy early and often, taking advantage of his wildness, scoring 3 runs in the first on only one Aaron Hill single.  After the first the Jays didn’t look back, riding the wave of a well needed Tomo Ohka start to victory. 

The Aaron Hill bases loaded single was really the key to this uninspiring game.  The Jays combined for 12 hits, 10 of them being singles.  The only extra base hits came by way of Alex Rios solo shot to lead off the eigth and a bizarre John McDonald hit-and-run double.  Texas may be a worse fielding team than Toronto.

Jason Phillips and Aaron Hill both had three hit afternoons.  With Matt Stairs getting the start in RF, John Gibbons had Vernon Wells batting 2nd in the lineup.  I like this, the amount of time the bottom of the order have been gettting on base and creating runs at the start of the season it makes sense to move your RBI guy up in the order.  Wells is a complete player and the more AB’s he will get batting 2nd will only help the Jays in the long run.  On the other hand, Gibbons had Thomas batting third and Lind leading off.  I don’t know why he won’t move hill up in the lineup, he has proven to me and most Blue Jays faithful that he is the real deal, he is a smart baserunner and a consistent contact hitter.  Frank Thomas batting third isn’t right, given his start to the season.  I would like to see him batting behind Glaus and even Overbay. 

On the Rangers side, look out for Sophomore Sensation Ian Kinsler.  The second basemen hit a monster home run in the top of the 9th inning.  Like Jays secondbaseman Aaron Hill he is off to a blazing start, with an OPS of almost 1.100 he leads the Rangers convincingly in HR (9), RBI (22), hits (25) and batting average (.309) and like Hill all this production is coming from the 6th or 7th spot every night.  Are managers not ready to give solid hitting middle infielders the respect they deserve?

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