Live Game Notes

Live Game Notes

Adam Lind

Today I caught the 2nd last Jays game of the season, an afternoon soiree vs. the Devil Rays. Here are my observations of the game.

Edwin Jackson

Edwin Jackson looked really sharp early on. In fact, I think he was no hitting the Jays through the first four frames. He was “effectively wild” as they like to say, he was missing bats but also missing the strikezone – 5BB:6SO.


Jesse Litsch

-Jesse Litsch continues to baffle me. From my vantage point, he looked unremarkable at best. In fact I was licking my chops watching him throw straight fastballs down the pipe with little to no movement. I wanted to step in that batter’s box myself. He did shut down the Rays this day, albeit an overly aggressive, inexperienced lineup full of September call ups.

-Griffin’s HR was an absolute bomb!! It was hella loud and I couldn’t see but it looked like it bounced off the upper deck facing in left. After that shot everyone sat up and took notice of JFG. After that though, JFG resumed his habit of having a penchant for striking out swinging. I doubt he ever has a career in the big leagues.

John Gibbons

-I don’t know how it looked for you folks at home, but I saw a pretty terrible call. A Jays hitter smacked a chopper down the line, which appeared to bounce off the Rays 3B and go foul. The ump called it foul and Gibby ran out to argue the call. It was nice to see Gibbons still full of piss n’ vinegar in a meaningless game at the end of the season in support of his players.


-BJ Upton is a thin, thin man. He does however look very smooth in Centre Field, a lot more smooth than I was expecting.

-Reed Johnson’s arm looks a lot better than I thoughthe was. However he definitely does not like his old self out there.

-Olmedo is a slick fielding shortstop with no bat. Just what the Jays don’t need.


Kelly Gruber

Jays won 5-3

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3 replies on “Live Game Notes”
  1. says: Early

    Gruber eh? Are those personal photos? They had Alex Gonzalez last night in Flashback Fridays. He sucks. Good to see Tabler ask him about 2003 NLCS game 7. Didn’t ask him about striking out 6 times in one game.

  2. says: Kman

    Upton is pretty decent in CF from the games I’ve caught on this year. Certainly better than 2nd base for him. They had Young at CF for a short time this year, and Crawford doesn’t have the “reads” to play the position, so I’d bet that CF will be Upton’s new home.

    That’s Edwin for you. His stuff is as nasty as they come, but he always seems to wear down late and is wild as hell. If he could find the zone more often he could turn back into a solid #3 or a decent late inning reliever. Maybe a change of scenery would change things. Send him over to St.Louis and let Duncan sort him out.

  3. says: Callum

    Gruber was in the level 100 taking the game in with his family. He got the biggest pop of anyone all game when they showed him on the jumbotron. Also, Reed Johnson’s slide was one of the worst I have seen in my life. Looked painful.

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