Lock up Marco to a contract?


I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on this one. Is it worth locking up Marco to a medium-term contract?

Marco’s deal with the Jays ends this season. 2009 was his last arbitration season, so he’ll be eligible for free agency in 2010.

The projected future SS of the Jays Justin Jackson (who will return to High A after a two week injury) has yet to live up to the hype. To be fair he’s only 20 years old, yet he’s only been able to muster a .141 AVG in 90 PA this season. He posted a .708 OPS last season with a meager .238 AVG. I think its safe to say that Jackson won’t be MLB ready until 2011 at the earliest, due to a combination of his age and spotty minor league track record.

Marco’s D has been solid and at least to this point he’s given the Jays a real OBP threat from the leadoff position for the first time in years. His slugging percentage has shrunk in May (.314 vs .506 in April) but the walks are still present.

What’s the proper course of action? Try to sign Marco to 2010 & 2011 right now during the season? Wait until the off-season for contract talks (with other teams involved during free agency)? or just flat out let him walk after the season?

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4 replies on “Lock up Marco to a contract?”
  1. says: Chris

    The Jays should definitely sign Marco for a few more years, and I’d suggest doing it before he hits free agency. Even if he turns out to be overachieving a bit at the plate right now, it looks like he might’ve picked up a few defensive tricks from Johnny Mac.

  2. says: Alain

    Well I’ve been disappointed the last few years when it looked like Johnny Mac would get the spot with the terrible Royce Clayton walking away from Toronto but then Eckstien came and then this year Scutaro got the green light. AS much as I love Johnny Mac, Scutaro is hot. He has comparable defensive skills as Johnny and can actually get on base. When they are teamed up together they can make things happen, maybe Johnny would not have let that hit through 5.5 get through, who knows.

    I think for sure Jays should sign Marco and make him a permanent thing. MLB fantasy had him as the most picked up guy, and if he does go to free agency I think we will lose him for sure, as the Stars get old and Marco is in his prime.

  3. says: George

    I think they should definately sign him now, if JP’s got any track record, it’s that he likes to not compete very heavily when other teams start throwing money. I’m not sure if Marco can keep up his hot bat, but it’s definitely worth it, I mean when I saw him play with Team Italy at the World Baseball Classic, I remember thinking, okay his team’s pummeling Team Canada but at least he’s on the Jays and he’s looking really good right now. And he’s still dynamite almost two months into the season.

  4. says: TIGHT PP

    Marco played for Venezuala, and Canada never got a chance to play them. Loss to USA and loss to Italy

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