Mark Prior to the Toronto Blue Jays?

Mark Prior to the Toronto Blue Jays?


A conversation regarding the possibility of the Toronto Blue Jays signing free agent pitcher Mark Prior:


Mark Prior, who had his second, less-invasive right shoulder surgery earlier this year, is in the midst of beginning a throwing program and should be available for the start of 2009, according to his agent, John Boggs. Mark Prior is expected to file for free agency. “He said he feels good, that his shoulder has never felt better,” said Boggs. Marcum’s replacement?


I wouldn’t touch Prior unless I could incentive the hell out of his contract. I’d make it worth his while, something like $4 million bonus with 30 starts. Basically build it to the point where I’d pay him $10 million if I could get 180+ innings out of him. The problem is I don’t know if any agents would trust JP not to screw with his contract by skipping starts, etc, after his 2008 talent handling track record.


Very true. With Thomas getting the JP slippery eel treatment and I think Bengie Molina was a victim of it as well (don’t quote me on that) but I could definitely see Prior ending up with 29 starts and 179.2IP based on the incentives you laid down. With shoulder injuries, the likelihood of a pitcher returning to form is far less than an elbow injury. That being said, Prior’s potential/upside is too delcious not to take a bite. JP was burned once in a “Prior” similar situation with Chris Carpenter, he shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this opportunity.


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4 replies on “Mark Prior to the Toronto Blue Jays?”
  1. says: Canadian Idol

    Are you fucking serious? You think Prior still has “delicious” upside? Then you guys must be drooling over the Jays recent acquisition of former #1 overall pick Brian Bullington who many moons ago had some delicious upside…. but take a look at a fucking calender… it’s 2008, these chumps are done.

  2. says: Kman

    With an incentive contract based around IP, where exactly does the risk lie?

    Prior and Bullington are different beasts. I caught a Bullington start in Buffalo this season and he’s nothing more than a AAA pitcher. When Prior was right he was an all-star.

  3. says: Callum

    As I said, all you have to do is look at Chris Carpenter in 2002. His shoulder exploded into a million pieces, he missed all of 2003 and came back in 2004. Was this chump done? O hai 2005, Cy Young award winner.

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