Matt Leinart Hot Tub Party Night!!!

Golden League Club hosts the Inaugural Matt Leinart Hot Tub Party Night!!!


Long Beach Armada attempts to compete with the Calgary Viper’s “party zone” by ca$hing in on Matt Leinarts nefarious reputation.

Here at we love to comment on the fan frienly goings-on at the ballparks. While cruising the Golden League’s Long Beach Armada’s website I noticed some crazy promotional nights. Last night especially caught my eye. It was the inaugural Matt Leinart Hot Tub Party. I thought they might be parading notorious party boy and sorority girl seducer and picture poser by putting him in a Hot Tub and you get to have your picture taken in the pool with him like he is Shamu. But no, my dreams failed and instead of threatening Leinart’s dignity the Armada’s fans get threaten their own dignity.

Here is what I pulled of the LB website

“”All females 18-20, all males 35 and over who still wear their cap sideways like Nick Lachey, and all fans who wear their USC or Arizona Cardinals gear to the game are half price at the door. And a regular sized beer is $2 until the end of the 4th inning. Come get in the hot tub…. courtesy of Splash Spas and Pools!!!””

Long Beach has some events that Bill Veeck would be proud of.

Boy Scout Night AND Live Hermit Crab Racing – sorry perverts out there, the first 1,000 fans did not get a free Boy Scout (or Hermit Crab).

Baseball at the Beach Fireworks – a Surfer theme with the Eliminators playing.

Chick-Fil-A Father’s Day – After the game a giant inflatable movie screen will treat fans to a free movie.

Reverse the curse Chicago Cubs Night – All goats are admitted free and Steve Bartman was in attendance.


2nd Annual Un-Olympics – The Armada will go against the front office in an Olympic style tournament.

Wipe away OC – Plummer Appreciation Night – OC Flyers owner is James Denton who apparently plays a sexy plumber on Desperate Housewives. Free plugers will be given away.

Now that is just for their first homestand. The Armada has a special night everynight I can find. I love it.

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3 replies on “Matt Leinart Hot Tub Party Night!!!”
  1. says: Kman

    Minor league promotions are the best! If I ran low level attendence teams like the Pirates or Marlins I’d bring the sleeze and see what happens.

  2. says: Early

    When major league teams try “Sleaze” it usually backfires. ala Disco Demolition Night by Bill Veeck and Mardi Gras Night (which resulted in excessive nudity) in Ottawa Rough Riders as Tight PP pointed out a while ago. Chased Veeck out of Chicago and chased Ottawa out of the CFL.

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