Mexican League All-Star Game

Mexican League All-Star Game

Mexican All-Star Game


The Mexican All-Star game is fast approaching.  Taking place June 1-3 in beautiful Veracruz, fans are able to vote online to pick the starting lineups for both the North and South Zones. Like MLB, Managers are responsible for picking the pitchers.

Lima Time
One of the noteworthy stories has been the rise and fall of Jose Lima. He had an outstanding start to the season and then crumbled. Will he be picked? Stay tuned to find out.  Until then, vote for your All-Stars here! Some of the names might be familiar to you.

fiesta time!

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3 replies on “Mexican League All-Star Game”
  1. says: Kman

    Any recommendations as to who we should vote for? I’m sure a campaign to get someone in across the net could work, as I can’t see too many Mexican Baseball fans rolling up to their wi-fi connection and voting on the ballot.

    One more Q: On the ballot, what the hell does this mean:

    Si no encontraste a tu jugador favorito
    inserta el nombre en la casilla y envíalo.

    (1st column: Name?) Nombre del Jugador
    (2nd Column: Email?, Location?) Posición en la que juega

  2. says: Callum

    My picks:

    Zona Norte

    C: Edgar Vega
    1B: Kit Pellow over Erubiel Durazo based on games played
    2B: Jose Ortiz
    3B: Sergio Gastelum
    SS: Ivan Cervantes
    CF: Ivan Terrazas
    RF: Mario Valenzuela
    LF: Ricardo Gastelum
    DH: Refugio Cervantes

    Zona Sur

    C: Saul Soto
    1B: Jorge Vazquez
    2B: Oswaldo Morejon
    3B: Kevin Flores
    SS: Javier Robles
    CF: Sergio Contreras
    RF: Robert Perez
    LF: Luis Suarez
    DH: Pedro Castellano

    To answer your second question, it means that if your favourite player is not listed, you can do the write in vote by typing the player’s name into the boxes on the top right hand side of the page.

  3. says: Callum

    On second thought, I had better give Donny Leon the 3B respect because he is leading the league in ding dongs with 16 as well as hitting .354

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