Mexican League Final

Mexican League Final

LMB Final

The Yucatan Leones and the Monterrey Sultanes forced the Mexican League final to a 7th game and this is how it played out.

Walter Silva

Before a packed house in Monterrey, Walter Silva pitched 5 strong innings while Karim Garcia scored all of Monterrey’s 2 runs to lead the Sultanes 2-1 over the Yucatan Leones in the Mexican League Final.

Monterrey Sultanes

Karim Garcia was named LMB Final MVP and was gracious in accepting the award.

Karim Garcia

(Loosely translated):
“I am moved to accept this honour but simply put I was only but a grain of sand to obtain the title, it was the effort of all my teammates, the pitching and the coaching staff.”

Garcia remarked that his first season in the LMB was very good to him and that he “finished off the season in the best way – to win a championship.”

Karim was also battling personal issues as his son was hospitalized in Boston at the time of the final. He managed to hit 5 HR in the playoffs.

Felix Fermin

Former Major Leaguer and Cleveland Indian, Felix Fermin, managed the Sultanes to their 9th League Championship and his first as a manager. He said he felt that he was pleased with the continued fan support and was extra proud to bring a championship home to such a dedicated fanbase after an 11 year absence.

LMB Championship

Yucatan Cheerleader

Yucatan Autograph

Monterrey Cheerleader

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  1. says: Kman

    I assume Karim was on a one year contract. If he doesn’t go back to the major’s I’m sure he’ll get paid in 2008.

    Was Durazio (sp?) still with Monterrey during the playoffs? That would be a nasty 1 – 2 punch with Garcia.

    I was looking at the regular season stats and not one starter averaged a K per inning. Weird…

  2. says: Callum

    The only explanation I can offer up for the K rate would be the high altitude of parks that many of the teams play in. I would have to assume that most “out pitches” are breaking balls and the high altitude reduces the break/tilt/drop or what have you.

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