Micah Owings Pitcher & Hitter in 2008?

Micah Owings Pitcher & Hitter in 2008?


A topic of interest during the playoffs was Micah Owings ability with a bat in his hands. On a Dec 4th Q & A, the Arizona Republic recoreded the following quote from Diamondback’s manager Bob Melvin:

“It’s potentially, depending on how our roster looks, an option,” manager Bob Melvin said Tuesday during a Q&A session with reporters when asked about the possibility of Owings playing first base in-between starts.

Below is a collection of Micah’s college and MLB batting statistics. Notice the high slugging percentage at all levels of play (and even his .400+ average in AAA PCL league)


Myself and fellow columnists Early discussed Owings back in early October. Here’s a selection of our thoughts and analysis on Owings hitting.

Kman: Before word hits the street (although u dudes are probably in tune already), Owings is the man when it comes to hitting. He hit .333/.349/.683 in 60 AB with 15 RBI. He pinch hit over 5 times, an ACC & Conference USA DH/UT player of the year, hitting 18 HR with a .713 SLG in his final college season. If I ran an AL team, I’d grab him up and toy with the idea of using him as a DH in his off days.

Early: It has been about 30 years since a pitcher hit for himself in the AL. I wonder if a stud hitting pitcher is more valuable in the AL or NL? Kman you have any insight on this? DH can ONLY be used for the pitcher. No having Owings hit for himslef and DH for Johnny Mac.

Kman: Depending on the team, I’d let him hit. He was 1 for 2 last night and pinch hit in game 2 of the Colorado series. The problem that is does present is the message that it sends. When the Cubs were considering having Prior DH years back in interleague it caused a huff in Chicago. Still, Owings is so money with the bat I’d role him up in the outfield on off days as an experiment. I guess at that point, what would his salary be? That would be one valuable player. Ultimatley he could be moved into the pen, which would be the best option in the NL, as he could pinch hit at any time and just begin the next inning on the mound (if he warms up in advance). Something to watch. – K

Something to watch indeed. Spring training should be an interesting time for Owings and Diamondback fans. Will he see time at first? Either way this is shaping up to be one of the most interesting stories of 2008.

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