MLB At Bat 11 IPhone App Review


MLB At Bat 11 recently hit the Apple App Store. Here are some initial app thoughts.Note #1: This is an in-progress review, as multiple app features aren’t available during spring training.

Note #2: The Iphone & Android App are nearly identical in features. The Blackberry app is a stripped-down version that does not offer live video feeds.

Note #3: All images are from marketing materials. They are representative of how the app actually looks.

Review – MLB At Bat 11 for Iphone & Ipod Touch ($15)

Upon installation and start-up, the app asks for a list of favourite teams. I selected three or four and was on my way. My first team (Jays) loads on the home screen whenever I turn on the app. The following official screen cap showcases the Red Sox team page.

App Team Screen


As the image shows, the team name resides at the top and a selectable three game timeframe is directly below.

Box Scores are presented for each game. Clicking on the TV will bring up a live video feeds or an archive for those with MLB.TV subscriptions (note: archives are not available in-app during spring training). Obviously the headphones represent live audio and the ticket stubs will allow users to buy tickets via

For those without MLB.TV subs, action can be followed via MLB Gameday or an everyday box score. Players names can be clicked on for player stats, info and some rudimentary splits.

Gameday & Box Scores


Other options on the team screen include video highlights (including condensed games), team news via reporters, full season schedules, roster info, and access to teams official websites (which are readable within the app).

Video & News Highlights


Live video & audio for all teams can be found via the scoreboard window. News for the entire league can also be found within the app, as shown above. Video packages, text stories and sortable player highlights are all included within the app.

Everything Else

Other app features include standings, team specific tweets, a nice ‘At the Ballpark’ feature that includes directions & facebook & twitter integration.

What I Don’t Like

Seeing as the app is in spring mode, I’m crossing my fingers for the following regular season features:

  • Freezing Issues: The app can hang up on occasion, perhaps once in every 7 or 8 uses.
  • Archives: During the spring, archived games aren’t available. I’m confident that this will be fixed by the regular season.
  • Box Score Hiding Feature: Currently all box scores are updated, with no way to hide scores.
  • Cost: After paying $100+ for an MLB.TV Premium subscription, I’m not a big fan of paying $15 for an app. Other app like platforms such as Boxee & PS3 are free.
  • Canadian Based Complaint: Data usage on Canadian based cellular networks. I can’t blame the app for this issue. Watching live game feeds is a risky proposition outside of wifi mode within Canada. This hurts the app’s usability North of the Border.

    Current Recommendation: Wait until the Regular Season

    The app currently offers free spring training live video feeds. But outside of that feature, the app is in a holding pattern until the regular season.

    I’ll check back in a week or so into the 2011 campaign to judge the real power of the 2011 MLB Iphone app.

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    20 replies on “MLB At Bat 11 IPhone App Review”
    1. says: Alain

      I got this for bb and its kinda crappy. Its ok when connected to wifi but audio doens’t work on the network. There was an update recently, but found it actually caught some pitches its still a long way from being what it shuold be. Hoping that once games start in Major League Parks that inputs will be better.

      1. says: Matthias

        I’m surprised the Blackberry App didn’t get a full Iphone/Android like makeover. I figured there would at least be a compatible version for the touch screen torch.

        1. says: Alain

          Yea a lot of folks are complaining about that on the app world. I don’t mind it too much, but the update isn’t catching much for pitches…although it could be that Spring Training just doesn’t ahve the equipment to handle it. We will find out in the next little while. Although I emailed mlb to ask for a discount on gameday, since audio wasn’t working on bb, I got a nice response on we are not currently giving discounts.

    2. I have a Blackberry Torch. By the sounds of things, I think I am best to stick with the Score Mobile app and use those awesome livebloggers to keep me updated on the games 😉

      1. says: Alain

        Didn’t know you could follow live bloggers on it…hmmm me thinky that Callum has shown me the light with his torch :p

    3. says: Ian

      I thought about getting At Bat for Blackberry, but figured I’d get gouged by the amount of data the app uses. If I had an iPhone maybe I’d consider it, but for the time being I’ll just use GameDay Audio and The Score app.

      1. says: Rod LoScalzo

        The audio might not work, it doesn’t on the iPhone. I along with other iPhone owners only get a get a “connection error” whenever I go to the audio in the app. I have emailed at Bat 11 4 times and they have yet to reply for almost a month now. MLB must own this app and profit from it because I can’t imagine where else this pompous attitude could come from.

    4. says: Mike

      I got the app for BlackBerry (9700), and I haven’t had trouble getting audio on it. The first couple times it didn’t sound great (it would cut out for a fraction of a second once in a while), but I think that’s just a side effect of spring training, because it doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore (I expect the live pitch by pitch will work better during the season, too).

    5. says: Qiara

      I had the 2010 version for iPhone and it was great. A few weeks ago, I tried to get the 2011 app, but my phone is too old. The 2011 version requires 4.0 software.

      Any word on a version for v3 phone? I guess I’ll have to go with Lite unless, until…

      It’s the only way to listen to Yankees games (unless you have an AM radio). There’s no streaming online.


      1. says: Matthias

        Did you download At Bat?

        I’m not sure (no Iphone 3 here) but others state that At Bat does indeed work on 3, however multi-tasking out audio is unavailable.

        1. says: Qiara

          Thanks much. I realized the problem – my iPhone is way older than I thought.

          Looked up the serial number and wow, was I surprised!


    6. says: LH

      I cannot get audio at all…I give this app an “F” as I purchased specifically to use my audio package.

      1. says: Laurel

        Did you have to purchase an audio subscription along with the app to be able to listen to games with it? And which gadget are you using it with?

        1. says: Rod LoScalzo

          I just get a “connection error” whenever I go to the audio in the app. I have emailed at Bat 11 4 times and they have yet to reply for almost a month now. MLB must own this app and profit from it because I can’t imagine where this pompous attitude could come from>

    7. says: JBinFrisco

      At Bat will not work on software older than 4.0. I have an old iPod touch set up to some external speakers and can listen to the day games in my office. No mas!! I’m not sure what the issue was but it’s a shame they can’t make the app backward compatible with older versions of the iOS.

      1. says: Matthias

        That’s horrible.

        I like Apple products but they tend to have a short life span if the software is not constantly updated (on iOS or regular mac OS)

    8. says: Justin

      I am very disappointed that you can’t hide scores also. MLB is really missing the boat here. I paid for my subscription and for the iPad app. Glad my iPhone is JBd so I don’t have to pay another $15 for the iPhone app.

    9. says: Rod LoScalzo

      My audio doesn’t work on my iPhone 4 and at Bat 11 will not respond to any (4) of my emails. I along with other iPhone user have not had any audio for nearing a month now. I guess at Bat 11 has our money now and feel no need to respond to emails or fixing the problem. If there was another baseball app I would not be using at Bat 11.

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