MLB Shuffle Video Game Review

MLB Shuffle Video Game Review


MLB Shuffle Game Screen


During my every so often check of Yahoo Fantasy Sports, an ad caught my eye. It was for a free 30 minute trial of a new computer game, MLB Shuffle. I gave it a download and here are a few random thoughts.



The game itself is set up as a card counting game. Basically, you draw five cards per inning (or deal). During the first deal you can hold any cards, like a game of poker, and redraw the remaining. The purpose of the game is to fill up the nine positions on the diamond with real players, such as A-Rod, Ryan Howard and others.


There is an added point system, such as team bonus’ for having two or more players from one team in the “line-up” at the end of nine innings, along with team bonus cards that are drawn from the deck. An injury card spices things up a bit, as does 2x bonus cards. At the end of the game (and during) your points add up. The goal is simple, amass the maximum points available during the nine inning game. Is this starting to get a little confusing? Probably is. To check out offical demo page click on the shuffle image.

MLB Shuffle Video Game 


Overall Opinion

This is a fun game, but I can already tell that it will get pretty old quickly. At $19.99, you’d be better off spending your cash on some of the other games out there (whether they be on a game console or PC). Throughout the year, we’ll step up to the plate with additional game reviews.

Recommendation: Play the Demo but pass on the full version.

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  1. says: Patrice Brisebois

    Anybody here into Baseball Mogul? Fantastic series of managerial games. As far as baseball video games go though, MLB07 The Show has to take the cake.

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