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It has been an eventful last few weeks for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Jose Bautista hit his 50th HR, Vernon Wells hit his 30th, Overbay his 20th and the Jays won their 80th.  With all of these round numbers being reached, I have been getting many emails with the same theme: “Why no post on Bautista’s 50th? You ARE a Jays blog after all!”

True, Bautista’s milestone moment was a pretty special moment for the franchise and its fans.  The thing is, we don’t need to be the 23rd voice on the internet saying “Bautista is a stud!”  There’s enough of that already.

Though the Blue Jays are “our team,” we aren’t here to summarize every game that the Jays play. The Blue Jays are fortunate enough to have a plethora of top quality writers that cover the team.  John Lott, Morgan Campbell, Jeff Blair, Jeremy Sandler, Shi Davidi, Gregor Chisholm, Mark Zwolinski, Cathal Kelly, Bob Elliott have been at the top of their game all season.  If you follow us on Twitter, we’ll link you to all of their best articles.  But we won’t copy & paste them into a post of our own or regurgitate it with slightly different wording.

You don’t just want another run-of-the mill blog that riffs off other media outlets’ reports and we don’t want to read them.

We didn’t need to tell you that Lyle Overbay was slumping this season – you knew that already.  Jose Bautista has taken Yunel Escobar under his wing this season , and if you read at least one of the writers we listed above, you would know that too.

We write about the stuff we want to read about.  While we may touch on some obscure subject matter from time to time, I like to think that our posts have brought back special memories for more than a few readers, perhaps inspiring them to have a rejuvenated interest in baseball.  We look at stories that slip under the radar.

We blog because it keeps us writing and because we harbour a hope that what we write here reveals a perspective or insight that many fans don’t see.  Blogging also keeps us connected.  People I’ve never met tell me that MUD contains some of the best writing on baseball they’ve come across.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that for me, blogging is about writing as I see it (even if I am wrong twice as many times as I am right) and occasionally illuminating a dark corner or two.

A lot of you we know either personally or virtually.  But strangers from all over the world wind up here too. And how they do is often odd, sometimes funny but definitely enlightening.  Combing through the search terms people use to reach us is brilliant procrastination of course, but it also helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the baseball community. What is it really, that people want to know about this beautiful game? Sometimes what people search to find us leaves me with a furrowed brow. (You would be surprised how many people still care about Tanyon Sturtze)

What’s important, of course, is not how you found us but that you did.   Thank you for finding us and keeping us connected with all of you baseball fanatics and giving us lots of food for thought for future posts.

Of course, if you’d really like to know what we think about Bautista’s 50th, you can always ask us.  We’d like to stay connected with you as much as possible.  Follow us on Twitter (we’ll turn 2 and follow you back!), you can “like us” on Facebook, or email us individually by clicking on the “About” section at the top of the screen.

Welcome to Mop-Up Duty.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

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  • David Burkholdr

    thanks for all of your fine efforts … i agree with the person who thinks yours is some of the finest baseball writing, certainly the best jays writing available that i’ve found