More Hate for Eric Byrnes

EricByrnesis no ‘Mess’ of a Leader but is a Mess Nonetheless

To tell you the truth I wouldn’t know Eric Byrnes if I ran over him with my car. In the last couple of days he has really impressed me with his arrogance in the face of incompetence.

I don’t like to add hockey allusions on posts but I couldn’t help it on this one. Living in Alberta the cult following of hockey stars such as Mark Messier reminds me of the time The Moose guarnateed a win in the 1994 Eastern Conference Final. He went on to virtually win the final two games of the series on his own and then led the New York Rangers to a Stanley Cup Championship. Mark Messier will always be the epitome of sports leadership for me and for many others. He is what all leaders and supposed leaders should aspire to and be compared to.

Eric Byrnes says, “I will lead by example” Those who lead by example don’t need to say they are going to lead by example they just go out and do it. And they don’t hit .176 and ground out weakly to end the season while representing the tying run. This guy is a fruit.

Perhaps I can give Mr. Byrnes some credit for his leadership as he did have the DBacks mimic his pathetic and inneffectiveperformance with their own. Much like the New York Rangers followed Messier to greatness.

After hearing Bob Melvin’s responses to press questions regarding both Byrnes’ statements and the way his club limped in and out ofthe NLCS, I don’t think he has what it takes to be a major league manager of a contending team. He should not let Byrnes make these claimations when he doesn’t have anything to back it up with, or, the talent to back it up for that matter. It has long been said “it ain’t bragging if you can do it.” Whether or not that is the intended interpretation of the meaning of the word “bragging” if sure does not apply to Byrnes in this case as he cannot “do it”.

Cliche’s are a pet peeve of mine but I was interested in DBacks manager had to say. Melvin’s comments were cliches that would be good for a Little League team that had lost the final game. “We should keep our heads held high”, “we are a young team and we will take this as a learning experience.” Looks like to me that while the Rockies are boozing it up with champange and hookers the ice cream for the DBacks is on Coach Melvin and he will drive them all there in his AstroVan. These are grown men and professionals. If I were a DBacks fan, which I am not, I would be angry at this team, they way they act in defeat and they way they shut it down in the NLCS.

The “buzz” in Pheonix was identified as lacking by all involved and I cannot blame those living in the Valley of the Sun to ignore this uninteresting, soft, losing team.

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    Freaking Rockies need to get a dome stadium, it’s snowing in Denver and now there’s no game today.

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