Mr. X’s Leftovers

Mr. X’s Leftovers

Mr. X & Friend
Mr. X & Friend

Yesterday I wrote a post on the Blue Jays’ wives.  While doing my research, I stumbled across a few others that are not associated with the Jays.  In the interest of being thorough, here are my leftovers:

Mike Hampton’s spouse.  She seems happy despite having her husband hanging around the house a lot more than she expected..

Aubrey Huff’s wife is probably not too enthused at the prospect of raising a family in Detroit (what!)

Casey Fossum’s wife looks pretty “Awssum” ha ha ha!

Ladies’ man Mike DeFelice settled down with this lovely lady.  The sepia tones are a nice touch.

Jonny Gomes’ schoolteacher wife.  I bet Mr. X could teach her a thing or two if you catch my drift… HELLO!

Larry Bigbie’s gold-digging princess.

Does anyone remember that douche Dustin Hermanson? Me neither, but this is his wife.

Remember your ABC’s – Always Be Closing.  Former Yankees closer John Wetteland took this to heart both on and off the diamond as he closed the deal on this good looking milf.

Big Papi’s little Mami.  I expected more from David Ortiz.

Manny Ramirez’ wife.  Why he needed sexual performance enhancers for this gorgeous beauty I will never know…

After yesterday’s post, I was put in touch with a website that does this as their job.  It is quite thorough.  On it you can find pictures of Cy Young candidate Zack Greinke’s wife, Hunter Pence’s “fling” and Ben Zobrist’s singer/model wife.


X – out!

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    Huff moving to Detroit from Baltimore is a good thing for his family. Baltimore is the “New” Detorit.

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