Contributors Meet and Greet with the 2007 Blue Jays Contributors Meet and Greet with the 2007 Blue Jays 



Two weeks ago three of the writers attended what was to be called the Annual Blue Jays Meet and Greet.  On a cold and blustery February Friday evening we went to the Rogers Centre to Meet and Greet.

There was not to much greeting done unless you call hosts and ticket salespeople greeters.  The evening was for people who purchased Flex Packs (a dozen or so tickets) so most people, except the people who coattailed in on someonelses Flex Pack.  There were long line ups but it was nice to be talking baseball in February. 

The highlight of the trip was going through the Blue Jays clubhouse.  The trophy cabinets and memorbilia collection was impressive.  It was also interesting to see how the clubhouse is laid out.  Stars are spaced out.  Wells, Thomas and Halladay have the corners.  Glaus had a locker in the middle of the room with noone beside him.  Overbay was two lockers down from the third sacker with noone beside him either.  Gregg Zaun had another corner.  I hate to say that Jeremy Accardo still had a locker with his name above it. 

As for the meet.  There were two Blue Jays we got to meet.  John MacDonald and Greg Zaun.  Callum, as most readers would know has a non-sexual mancrush on Greg Zaun and dressed up to meet him.  Unfortuanley Zaunie didn’t bite and Callum went home alone that night to think about what went wrong while swooning over the Greg Zaun bobble-head doll. 

John MacDonald looked to be about 20 years old and seemed genuine, welcoming and friendly.  Also, washed up Major Leaguer Kevin Elster was on site.  Elster looked like a Steven Segal wannbe.  Long slicked back hair and has doubled his weight since his playing days ended.  Elster, of course played on the 1986 Mets and had a career year in 1996 with the Rangers where he had 24 HR and 99 RBI’s as a SS.  Then I guess the HGH caught up with him and he fell off.     

Anyways, the Meet and Greet wasn’t really anything to write home about, but I’ll tell readers about it, anti-climatic but still nice to go to SkyDome in the middle of winter.  Callum may have a MUD photo gallery to follow.

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  1. says: daperman

    Special thanks to Ron Green, Daperman’s boss who supplied the tickets. the treasured autographs will be going to friends of Ron who live in NY State but use the Flex Pak tickets to come here and cheer for the Yankees.

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