New Look for the Rays

New look for the Rays

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have unveiled a new colour scheme and logos for the 2008 season. Here they are:

What do you think? To me they remind me of a cross between the Padres and the Royals. A little boring to be sure but a well needed upgrade over their current style. In fact, it reminds me of Kman’s favourite shopping spot: Sam’s club

Sam's Club

What are your thoughts?

Also the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are catching my eye in another way: they decided to shut down James Shields for the season after he pitched a career high 215IP. He is not injured they say, it is just a straight shut down. Kudos to them, there is no reason to work him any harder at this point. JP, take note.

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7 replies on “New Look for the Rays”
  1. says: Kman

    On the ball, it’s a Sams club lite uni.

    This is their third uniform in 10 years (I don’t count the sleeves, no sleeves look as a uni).

    From just a top of the head guess, it seems to me like newer clubs that are less ranging from the Mariners to the newest expansion clubs change their uniforms every five years, while many of the “traditional” teams have stuck with the same thing for 10 years (with a few exceptions such as the Reds).

  2. says: Early

    The expansion teams seem to change logos alot too. I feel some of the continuity in sports is through the logo. Changes like the Reds, Indians, Cubs, Orioles etc have gone through haven’t effected this continuity. Changes like the Angles, Padres, Brewers, Astros and especially the Devil Rays have gone through can only hurt the teams established fan base and loses a link between the past and future.

  3. says: Kman

    I agree. I can live with a uniform change if a team changes ballparks, a “new era” type deal. Otherwise, it’s basically a cash grab that screws the fans out of $$$$ and probably builds resentment.

    This will be the fourth time that the Rays have changed caps. The Jays aren’t much better, as they changed caps three years in a row from 2003 – 2005. The Mariners aren’t much better.

  4. says: Illadun

    THIS LOGO SUCKS ASS!!!! IT LOOKS SO LAME!! Whoever designed this should be fired. They’re going to have us looking like a bunch of fairies on the field. Two thumbs down! No thumbs… it gets no love. I hate it.

  5. says: Guy

    This is absolutely horrible! Its a bad logo for a discount buffet restaurant .Right underneath it should read”try our new salad bar”. An absolute disaster!

  6. says: Christina Ferell

    I love the new look, but with added and changed features. The Rays need to go with the last one, but add the diamond of the field and the sun needs to shine. Add the diamond, lose the grey in color border, and let the sun shine it’s rays…..! I think the rays need to have a big sun and not a sting ray……that reminds too many people of Steve.

  7. It might work if they did the sun first outstretch the sun’s rays and let everyone know the sun is shining………..then put the diamond……then the rays name…….but no grey because that is a bad color!

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