No More “ICE COLD BEER” at Rogers Centre/SkyDome

Wayne McMahon, Veteran Beer Vendor, Fired

[youtube t7AOqW_8KiU&NR=1]

Apparently, Aramark, the concession contract holder at Rogers Centre has been fired. Yes the Secret Police at SkyDome were out again as a secret shopper ‘tricked’ Wayne into selling him more than the normal allotment of beerzos.

Wayne has been a summertime staple since 1986 at Exhibition Stadium. Wayne’s call of, “Ice Cold……Beeeeeeeeeeeeer” with a dignified satisfation on ‘beeeeeer’ is a nice change from the mundane, awkward teenagers and typical WASP Conservatism of Toronto that is a microcosom at SkyDome in the last few years.

This just gives me another reason to want to sneak in my own slop.

Sign a petition for Wayne’s reinstatment.

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