OBP : A Hidden Factor


OBP : A Hidden Factor



Another two minute stat shot, this time dealing with OBP and some of its hidden aspects.



Today, let’s take a different viewpoint at On Base Percentage. Most assume that the OBP deals solely with hits, walks, and at-bats, but it does include a few extra factors. The equation for OBP is;

We’re going to leave SF (Sacrifice flies) alone for today and focus on the HBP. I personally love having a player on my favorite squad that’s willing to €œtake one for the team€.

A high OBP usually illicit comments to the tune of €œgood plate discipline, bat control, and overall baseball savvy, etc But does getting hit by a pitch really exhibit strong plate skills from the batter? Or does is it just a sign of his toughness?

There’s really nothing wrong with this be included in the OBP statistic, but it can give a substantial boost to certain player’s bottom lines. Here’s a list of the highest boosts in OBP due to HBP in 2006.


First Name Last Name Standad OBP OBP minus HBP OBP HBP Differential
Rickie Weeks 0.363 0.332 0.031
Aaron Rowand 0.321 0.292 0.029
Reed Johnson 0.390 0.364 0.026
Jose Bautista 0.335 0.311 0.024
Chris Burke 0.347 0.324 0.023
Shane Victorino 0.346 0.325 0.021
Brady Clark 0.348 0.328 0.020
Edwin Encarnacion 0.359 0.340 0.019
David Eckstein 0.350 0.331 0.018
Jason Giambi 0.413 0.396 0.017


So when you see these players, realize that the OBP that their sporting isn’t 100% related to their plate discipline, it is also aided by the HBP. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, but now we have a little more insight into some players high OBP.


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4 replies on “OBP : A Hidden Factor”
  1. says: Callum

    Good job K. This is something I never thought about before, and the list is interesting. I expected to see Reed Johnson on the list, but was suprised to see the Giambino. Also I expected to see Hillenbrand’s name pop up for all the commotion he would get every time he was hit by a pitch by the Blue Jays commentators.

  2. says: Early

    I always find it strange that some guys get HBP alot more that others. It is probably from like you say “taking one for the team” but this is baseball savvy, wouldn’t you agree? Allowing yourself to get hit by a ball takes as much discipline as bat control and pitch selection. Some of these guys are terrible at the other things, Aaron Rowand had an equal number of walks and hit by pitches! His OBP can be very disceptive, where he has terrible plate discipline but he, like the other leaders on this list consistently get hit by pitches. They know their strengths and weaknesses. I say, good on them.

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