Off Season Rumour—Peavy is heading to Boston.

Peavy a Red Sox

You heard it here.  Apparently the pathetic hitting of the Padres will be getting a BoSox boost.  The cost will be their top starter who still hasn’t reached his potential, Jake Peavy.

Peavey will turn 26 years old in the 2007 season and has already won 57 big league games.  Last season was an off year for Jake and he has had some injury problems.  Maybe San Diego is not telling us something.  This guy has an awesome K:BB ratio usually around 3:1, this including last year’s off performance. 

Anyways, with this stud going to Boston the Red Sox look to be giving up Manny Ramirez.  Manny and his .314 career average, career OPS of 1.011 and braided hair, is an all-time stud, bona fide HOFer and one of the greatest players of our time if not all time and he is only 34.  Man-Ram still has a few good years ahead of him, but, not as many as a healthy Peavy.

ManRam has appeared in 81 playoff games and his playoff stats are comparable to his Regular Season stuff.  Peavy, in 2 LDS appearances has been rocked twice.  Padres are looking to reverse their playoff fortunes in the last two year and we all know pitching doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs if you can’t hit.

Peavy is one of untapped potential and should be a fixture for the Padres but if a deal has to be made it may as well be Manny Ramirez.  

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3 replies on “Off Season Rumour—Peavy is heading to Boston.”
  1. says: Kman

    Rumour, my bad. Thought you were saying that it was a done deal. I can’t see the Padres trading Peavy. With bum SP’s getting $10 mill a season, Peavy is close to the Oswalt category, which is $18 million a season. While Manny is great, I don’t see them bringing in a big HR hitter to Peteco. With the parks dimensions, there’s more value in a doubles hitter (like a cheap Gonzo) than a HR guy. That’s why the earlier Kouzmanoff deal made sense.

  2. says: Jeeves

    Scared me there for a second. I thought you were confirming this move. I just hope such a deal doesn’ go down. The Bo-Sox would have a decent looking rotation with Peavy in there.

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