OK Blue Jays (Let’s Play Ball!)

Toronto Blue Jays

This week’s MP3 is the treasured theme song for the Toronto Blue Jays, “OK Blue Jays (Let’s Play Ball)”.

It is sung by a fictional group “The Batboys” and has been around since the 1985 ALCS. Ever since then, it has been played during the 7th inning stretch and currently has been remixed into some sort of dance song, but expect nothing but the best old school original version from your boys at Mop Up Duty. This baseball “fight” song exemplifies the politeness for which Canadians are known for. Some things to note:

-The crack of the bat you hear is none other than Willie Upshaw’s, the first Blue Jay to hit 100RBI in a single season.

-The terrible sound effect for the seagull coming in just to catch the game.

-”Dave” as mentioned in the song (putting down a smoker, a strike…) is none other than Dave Stieb.


The Bat Boys

The Lyrics:

You’ve got a diamond
You’ve got nine men
You’ve got a hat and a bat
and thats not all

You’ve got the bleachers
You’ve got ‘em from Spring ’till Fall
You’ve got a dog and a drink and the umpire’s call
WADDAYA WANT? Let’s play ball!

Is that a flyball?
Is it a seagull?
Coming in…from the lake… just to catch the game!
It’s the last inning… Our guys are winning!
Dave’s put down a smoker!
a strike!
and you’ve got no doubt! (You’re Out!)
WADDAYA WANT? Lets play ball!

Ok! (Ok) Blue Jays! (Blue Jays)
Let’s! (Let’s) Play! (Play) Ball.

It’s a beautiful evening fans
at the ball park,
and the game starts

Warm summer breezes
sun’s going down
and it’s all dark
at the ball park
Thats okay, it’s a night game!


Bring on the White Sox
Bring on the BoSox
Bring on the Brewers, the Rangers, and the Yankees too!

We’ll beat the Indians
We’ll beat the Tigers
We’ll beat the A’s so bad, gonna make Billy Blue!

WADDAYA WANT? Let’s Play Ball!


Willie Upshaw’s crack of the bat.

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9 replies on “OK Blue Jays (Let’s Play Ball!)”
  1. says: Early

    Texas Rangers played Cotton-Eyed-Joe in the 7th inning. They might have played Take Me Out to the Ballgame in the 8th.

  2. says: Kman

    I’m not about any team playing anything else than take me out to the ball game during the 7th. That’s more unpure than the DH!!!! The Buffalo Bison’s play Cotton-Eyed-Joe after take me out to the ballgame. Don’t ask me why.

  3. says: Batt Bouy

    Kman said,
    on September 29th, 2006 at 5:55 pm
    “The Buffalo Bison’s play Cotton-Eyed-Joe after take me out to the ballgame. Don’t ask me why.”

    That’s because the Buffalo Bisons pretty much do everything wrong!!!!!

  4. says: Jamie

    the tune’s actually been around since ’83 (earlier than the ’85 ALCS which is mentioned above). being a young kid then, i actually enjoyed the song… things have changed however.

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