Pissed Off

Pissed Off


I am getting so pissed off with baseball. The Blue Jays are not any better than before Cito.

Sunday one run on a home run by John Macdonald

Monday three runs. Two on a home run by Fatty and then of all things back to back triples.

Tuesday shut out, 5 hits. First inning – single; double play. Second inning- single; double play. Eighth inning – single; double play.

Wednesday 2 runs on a HR by Lyle Baby after a leadoff single then double play and then another single.
Homers are not rallies they are lucky hits.
Fourth inning leadoff triple pop out, ground out drawn in infield, fly out.
Fifth inning single, followed by Rios strike out. Then Lyle Baby ground out to pitcher. Then fly out.

What is the fucking use. Not snake bittern anymore. Just rotten players.

And then I hear Detroit gets rid of Pudge and who to but the Yankees. What the hell gives with that.
Yankees are just a salary dump team for all the others but the others are dumping good players as well.

GM’s deserve everything they get by signing these stupid players and then complain when the Yankees have a big payroll and win. Don’t give the Yankees any players.

Pissed off completely. Nady, Tolome, Sexton, Pudge. What the hell is going one.

Another thing is the partronizing of Halladay. Great pitcher and everything. But he gives up the HR at the wrong times. I can think of four games right off the top. First game of the year against the Yankess, Reid Johnson, Evan Longoria and Eric Hinske. There was also a game against Tampa earlier and another against Cleveland when he lost 6-1. HR’s that cost him a win.

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6 replies on “Pissed Off”
  1. says: Early

    WIth Halladay it is the walks. The other night, gets the first two out then walks a dude and he comes around to score. A 1-0 loss to Boston this season he walks his first batter in the 9th inning and then he sure enough comes around to score the walk-off run. True he doesn’t get enough run support but his “clutch pitching” is terrible.

  2. says: Callum

    If you put Halladay on a team that can put up at least a run of offense to support him then we aren’t having this conversation.

  3. says: RC

    The Jays are much better post Cito. They had a .470 pct under Gibbons and are .560 under Gaston. 4.01 runs/game pre Gaston, 4.71 runs/game post Gaston. The only thing that has suffered is the pitching, which is understandable as the season wears on pitching injuries are happening and the pitchers are getting tired. Halladay not performing in the clutch is complete BS, he is consistent, that is the most enduring quality in a 162 game season. He gives up a walk or a home run in a 1-1 game you think he’s not a clutch performer? He has thrown 110 pitches keeping the jays in the game up to that point. The missing cluth performers are batters who will knock in runners in scoring position as consistently as they maintain there batting average. Of these the jays have none.

  4. says: Early

    Yes, the Jays are scoring more but I agree with Daperman that the same afflictions that hurt the Jays under Gibbons hurt the Jays under Gaston. Gaston has not stopped the Jays from the dreaded GIDP that has plagued them.

    RC I don’t see why you say the Jays pitching is failing, there was a hiccup at the start of June that’s about it. In the games against TB after the ASG the Jays have an ERA right at 3.00. That is BETTER than their season ERA but they went 2-4 in those 6 games. Those are games they had to win to have a sniff at the divison. What more do you want the pitching staff as a whole to do? Look at my previous articles on CDD, pitching never fails a team. It is hitting that makes the difference.

  5. says: RC

    I just wanted to compare apples to apples in that the jays under Gaston are giving up more runs per game. As a whole the pitching staff is over-achieving and has been all season. Didn’t here any blockbuster deadline trade for a bat, guess JP’s Rogers wireless was down so he couldn’t conduct business.

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