Playoff Predictions

2006 MLB Playoff Predictions

A’s GM Billy Beane once said that the playoffs are basically a crap shoot, and that the real test is winning out over a 162 season. I would have to agree with him, although his opinion may be slighted, seeing as he’s never had any real playoff success. While can be viewed as a crap shoot, the first round ridiculed for only being five games, the baseball playoffs are for all intents and purposes the greatest event in sports.

The main factor that I look for when predicting for the playoffs is just looking to see what brand of baseball a team plays. I call this “playoff baseball”. This basically equates with being edept at playing small ball when needed, having adequate starting pitching, and a very good bullpen. This test doesn’t always work, but it has been successful in recent history (White Sox, Angels, etc). On to the predictions;

American League

Yankees vs Tigers

For all their power hitting, Joe Torre and the Yankees can still adopt a “playoff” type ball when needed. I’m concerned, like many, with the sharp decline of the Tigers over the past month.

Yankees in four

Twins vs A’s

I think that the Twins have the superior hitting, starting pitching and bullpen. Their currently riding a high and the A’s are of course on a low.

Twins in four

Twins vs Yankees

I really like the Twins in this match-up. Although the Twins have faltered in past playoff apperances, they have gained experience, so they shouldn’t be nervous heading into this situation. I think the lack of pitching is going to catch up with the Yankees over the course of a seven game series.

Twins in six

National League

Cards vs Padres

I’m not sold on the Cardinals starting pitching. With that said, they do have the veteran arms that can step up. But I prefer Peavy and the gang. The Padres also have the best bullpen in baseball. This will be a battle but I see the Padres coming out in the end.

Padres in Five

This series is tougher to call then it appears. While the Mets arms are depleted, you never know what Glavine and Hernadez will bring to the table. The hitting is in favor of the Mets, but not by much, as Wright has declined in the second half and the Dodgers have the most balanced offensive attack 1-8 in the National League. I think that this series will break out many Dodgers prospects, such as Martin & Bronxton.

Dodgers in five

Dodgers vs Padres

This should be a great series between these two teams. Ultimately, I have to give the edge to the Padres and home field advantage, even though they posted a better record on the road this season.

Padres in seven

World Series

These leaves us with MLB’s nightmare series, the Twins vs Padres.

The Twins are given home-field advantage due to American Leagues 3-2 victory in this years all-star game. The two teams match up very closely, and the Padres will gain an advantage by using Piazza at the DH spot for half of the series. This series could go either way.

Twins in six

Minnesota Twins

There you have it, you have seen my 2006 Major League Baseball Playoff Predictions. What are yours?

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    Looking at the yanks starting 9 and they are by far the best since at least the Big Red Machine. The Yanks ‘pen is strong enough to pick up the slack that we know is coming for Wright, Lidle or whoever is 3rd and 4th starters. I think they will overpower the Tigers 3-0. I am looking at a subway series. None of the NL starting pitchers are frightening. I would agree with Cal on all his picks except NYY over NYM.

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