PWIB – March 16th 2008

Past Week in Baseball – March 16th 2008


PWIB! Get it… Yeah, I know its awful. Anyways here’s the Past Week in Baseball for March 16th 2008.

This week: baseball’s best tools, a season ending injury, China broadcast thoughts and more.

Jays Middle Releiver Casey Janssen is shut down for the season

Casey pitched in 70 games last season, although I’d have to venture he was warming up in at least an additional 20+ games. Almost every time I’d watch a game it seemed like he was getting ready in the pen. A converted starter, Casey went from 28 total milb/mlb appearances in 2006 to 70 in 2007.

Yankees – Rays “Brawl” Video

I’ve said my piece on the incident itself earlier in the week: Joe Girardi Should Be Suspended

[youtube YT34FDy9dRM]

The game itself was not recorded for broadcast in New York, Tampa or on MLB.TV, so this poor footage is pretty much all that exists.

MLB in China

Using the ole’ I fast forwarded my way through the game.

The game was held in a small park that was nothing to write home about. The feed that I watched was from the Padres broadcast. The announcers were not in China, they were sitting in a lights out Petco Park. The production of the game was produced by a Chinese crew that, on the whole, had little to no clue. Odd cuts and weird replays along with the announcers not giving a damn made this a forgettable experience.

Scouts Rate Best MLB Tools


There are only a few real surprises here. I’m assuming the best hitter category is geared more towards average than it is total hitting ability. I am somewhat surprised by Glavine still retaining the #2 spot for best command. Carlos Silva has typically held one of the lowest walk rates. Glavine walked 64 and gave up 23 HR last season. Silva walked 36 and gave up 20 HR. Sabathia should also get some respect, with his 209 / 37 SO/BB ratio in 241 IP. I think that this is a typical tools list, as primarily star names end up taking home the rewards. I don’t see Betancourt or Reyes as a better fielding infielder than Tulo, but what can you do?

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  1. says: Callum

    I am surprised at Beckett with the best curve. Not to be a homer, but I think Halladay and Burnett both have him beat with theirs. Sheets’ is much better as well. I would also put Rich Hill, Tim Lincecum, Brett Myers and Verlander above him.

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