Rants & Observations: April 5th, 2007

Ok, it doesnâ’t take much work to find out if A-Rod or Pujlos had a good day, are injured, ate a taco; or whatever. This leads me to yet another gimmick, Rants & Observations. On occasion, Iâ’ll throw a game thoughts & player update mini post onto the website. What Iâ’m trying to do with these posts is give everyone a little bit of news & insight (and my personal basis) into players that sometimes fly under the radar.

End rant:

Today Iâ’ll share some notes on Joakim Soria, Jimmy Rollins, Jon Rauch & others. Jump inside.


* Former Mexican League standout Joakim Soria (2006: 37 IP, 2HR, 30 SO, 15 SV) has a good change, with late break and with a 11 – 12 MPH difference from his fastball. I don’t expect too much, but an ERA around 4 to 4.25 wouldn’t be a stretch.

* Tom Gorzelanny looked good last night. He got knocked around a bit (7 hits in 5IP), but he could be the real deal this season. I’m locking in for an up & down type of season, with an ERA anywhere from 3.75 – 4.50, and about 7+ K per 9 IP.

* David Aardsma struck out 5 in 2 IP for the White Sox yesterday. He had a pretty decent season with the Cubs in 06. If he can get on Ozzieâ’s good side, he could take over as the closer for the Sox if (and when) Jenks dead arm becomes an issue.

* The tribe’s bullpen went 4 IP scoreless on Wednesday. For the season theyâ’ve allowed 2ER in 7 IP.

* Brandon Phillips is off to a slow start in the #3 hole in Cinncy. If this continues, we might see Griffey move up to the three and Encarnacion get slotted into the cleanup spot. I donâ’t expect the Reds to move Dunn from the #2 slot until he falters.

* One of the NL’s most under-rated pitchers, Jon Rauch, picked up the victory on Wednesday for the Nationals. Rauch is the type of reliever that will throw close to 100 IP with a 3.25 “ 3.50 ERA. 

* Jimmy Rollins gathered 3 walks last night (1 IBB). If this new found plate discipline is for real, watch out for his best season yet.
David Aardsma looking the fool

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