Rays’ “Sail” Stadium

Rays’ “Sail” Stadium

Tampa Bay Rays Stadium

A while ago we wrote about a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays.  Pictured above is an artist’s rendtion of what it might look like with its roof made of sails.

The above photo features the stadium in the “roof closed” position, with the sails being translucent enough to let light in.  If the plan is approved, the stadium should be completed by 2012.  It does look a little bit like the Big O with that huge post in the middle, but other than that I think it is a nice looking park.  Apparently, from what I hear, the rain comes down sideways in Florida which might make it difficult to keep the field dry even with the sail.

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5 replies on “Rays’ “Sail” Stadium”
  1. says: Kman

    That looks pretty damn cool! Even with the light coming through it looks like it would suck to catch a high flyball in that park.

    I like the whole plan, as Tax payers will always foot the bill for these private enterprises. The main downside would be the parking.

    Only six weeks till I hit up the Trop!

  2. says: Justin

    I think this is a stupid idea. So the “sail” sheet is going to keep you dry and cool things off a little by shading. But what about the humidity or the bugs at low tide? This would not make an enjoyable baseball experience.

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