Really Cito, Kevin Millar bats fourth?

Really Cito, Kevin Millar bats fourth?


Disgusted. That’s the only word I can use for how I felt after I read the Jays lineup for last nights game vs the Yankees. Millar batting fourth!?

Here’s a screen Cap of Millar’s success…. let’s say Millar’s appearances in the various batting order positions.


A total of 16 games in the 4, 5 & 6 slot nets a grand total of 4 RBI. Nice. Look at those batting averages…

Is this useless internet bitching? Probably. Complaining is one thing, offering a viable alternative is another. If Millar slides down in the order who takes his place?

Alternatives Ranked by vs lefty OPS

Barajas .816
Bautista .815
Rios .743
Wells .598

Yikes. Barajas is money vs lefties but just terrible vs righties. Rios is an alternative. He’s going to be here for the forseeable future and that in itself way warrant sliding him up in the order. Wells has been terrible vs lefties. You can probably see where this is going. Let’s give Jose Bautista a shot in the four slot. He’s been superior to Millar all season, yet Cito always bats him in the bottom third of the order. Position flexibility would allow Jose to be lifted if need be in late game pinch hit situations for Overbay and then replaced defensively by a bench player.

Thankfully Millar may be on his way out. He’s due to receive a $50,000 bonus for 250 and 300 plate appearances. He already has 209 (and received $50,000 for going over 200). It wouldn’t shock me to see JP release Millar before he earns his additional $100,000.

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  1. says: Ian

    I think my favourite stat of all is Millar’s .167 batting average in the cleanup spot. Given it’s only 5 games in that spot in the lineup, but still it’s no excuse.

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