Remembering: Tom Henke

Remembering: Tom Henke


Remembering is part of our new weekend series. These articles are based solely upon anecdotal memories. Leading off (although I should say closing out) is Tom “Terminator” Henke. :

“My first real memory of Tom Henke takes place in the Jays old ballpark, Exhibition Stadium. I’m not afraid to say that in hindsight that place was a dump. Anyways, I would say around 1985 or 1986 I can remember a bullpen car bringing the Terminator into the game. Everyone around me gathered their things, signaling an automatic end to the game.

Those huge glasses always reminded me of a computer nerd, business man and especially an accountant. Henke certainly filled up the Jays credit side in the win-loss ledger! After that Henke ended up being a constant figure in my earlier baseball memories. He got his world series due in 1992 and afterwards was basically pushed out in favor of Duane Ward. From there my memory of the rest of his career with the Rangers & Cardinals is sketchy at best, aside from a baseball card or two.


When he left to join the Rangers via free agency it seemed like an end of an era and in a way it kinda was as a good chunk of the eighties Jays were gone.

It is very rare in general and especially in today’s game to see a player retire while he was still successful. Henke fell into that category (Rolaids Relief award in 1995), retiring with a few good seasons left in him and near the top of his career pay grade.”

What are some of your Tom Henke memories?

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4 replies on “Remembering: Tom Henke”
  1. says: Canucklehead

    As a lifelong Jays fan – Henke makes the shortlist of one of my fave Jays of all time. Of course, a spot was freed up by Clemens some time ago – and my choices are not at all stat related. Carter, Sprague, Olerud .. wel, I could go on. Thanks for the memories – I’ll be back!

  2. says: Tight PP

    I remember from the old tapes the Blue Jays put out in the early 90’s.
    Terminator, Terminator, you can bring him in now but hes even better later,
    Terminator, Terminator, something something never throws a tater

  3. says: Regionman

    Tom is one of the few players I played college ball with that I still consider a good friend. He was my road room mate. Money and fame never changed him. He had an old junk -72 Monte Carlo in college. He still might have it somewhere in the back yard. He is the same down-to-earth type guy now, that he was then. A very fine fellow.

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