Ricky Romero Deserves a Longer Leash


Last night Ricky Romero pitched 8 innings of scoreless ball, scattering 8 hits (seven singles), striking out 5 and walking one.

Cito lifted Ricky after 107 pitches and handed the ball over to Kevin Gregg. Gregg hasn’t been horrible in non-save situations (around a 4.00 era heading into last night) but he ended up allowing three hits and the game’s only run.

I realize that Romero is on pace to shatter his previous career high in IP. In-fact, he leads the AL in IP.

However, I do believe that once he’s on a roll he should be allowed to finish what he’s started.

Romero has gone over 100 pitches in 13 of 15 starts, yet he’s gone over the 110 pitch count just three times.

Recently Cito has done a good job in giving Ricky an extra day, with three of his past four starts coming on 5+ days rest.

And building upon the extra days rest (it doesn’t change his performance):

4 days of rest: .242 BA overall, .652 OPS
5+ days of rest: .221 BA overall, .677 OPS
6+ days of rest: .232 BA overall .569 Opponents OPS

In the meantime why not let Ricky go a little deeper into games?

Supportive Ricky Romero Endurance Stats:

Opponents 3rd PA in Game: .206 Batting Average
4th+ PA in Game: .185 Batting Average
Innings 7 – 9: .151 Opponents Batting Average
Pitch Count 101+: . 154 Opponents Batting Average

Oddly enough Romero’s in-game success makes sense. He continually works his the change (3rd in AL change-up % thrown). As Trevor Hoffman can attest, batters can sit on a change and still not do anything with it.

Perfect World Scenario:Ricky is allowed to throw 110-120 pitches when he’s on a roll and is given an extra days rest as often as possible.

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  • Didn’t think I would agree, but you’ve got me convinced. Why the hell not?

  • I second what eyebleaf just said. The numbers tell the story.

  • Ian

    Let’s just play Devil’s Advocate for a sec: if Cito leaves Romero in to pitch the ninth, and the wheels fall off and he gives up a run or two, people would say “why didn’t they yank him after 8 innings”.

    In this situation, I’m afraid you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

  • Alain

    I have to agree with leaving him in. He is our new horse to ride the CG. If he stuff was severely slowing down then yes, but when he throws that changeup and still gets guys. It was amazing watching him the other night load the bases and then just leave them stranded, baserunners just made the game more fun…especially when they don’t have a hope to score lol.