Romero Purely a Money Move, Mills Success Likely Cost him a Roster Spot

Romero 100% a Money Move, Mills Success Likely Cost him a Roster Spot


100% money move. If you take a look at the stuff, spring results and comments surrounding both Cecil & Mills you would come to the conclusion that both should be in the rotation come April. This leads to my most discussed topic…

I’m beginning to repeat myself. Sorry. But the fact is that contract control is absolutely key in this and most prospect decisions these days. Take Matt Weiters for instance. Is he ready? Hell yeah. But the Orioles are holding off until a little over a month into the season to gain an extra year of contract control. The same thing is definitely happening with Cecil and is most likely happening with Mills. In-fact, I’d say that Mills would have made the team if he was LESS impressive. Brad upped his stock so much this spring that the Jays want another year of control.

What does this sudden boost in stock say about the Jays feelings about Romero? I see it as a sign that they don’t think as much about him long-term as they do Cecil & Mills.

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3 replies on “Romero Purely a Money Move, Mills Success Likely Cost him a Roster Spot”
  1. says: Renaissance Man

    In time I believe that your comment will prove to have been very perceptive.
    On the surface it’s just a game, but underneath baseball is all business.
    I agree that Romero has fallen to third on the Blue Jays depth chart for lefty prospects, and will eventually become expendable with the resurgence of Mills and Cecil.

  2. says: Callum

    I would expect Snider to be in the minors to open up the season. Since ’09 is generally viewed as a wash (correct me if I am wrong), if they keep him down in Vegas until May 15th they have control over him for the 2015 season as opposed to just 2014 if he breaks with the club. A no brainer if you ask me.

  3. says: Kman

    I completely agree with keeping Snider down. They could spin it as Lane having a great spring but keeping Snider down would piss off a number of Jays fans.

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