Roy Halladay is Baseball’s Most Efficient Pitcher

Roy Halladay is Baseball’s Most Efficient Pitcher


I’ll be honest with you. Due to my disappointment with the Blue Jays lack of off-season activity I was originally going to write a “save Doc for 2010”, with my supporting proof namely being Roy Halladay’s high number of innings pitched over the past three seasons (220, 225, 246).

I then looked into his total number of pitches and came to the conclusion that Doc is the games most efficient pitcher.

I ran a simple calculation, dividing a season’s total pitches into innings pitched (minimum of 200). Within the top 20 seasonal results Halladay places 2nd (2006), 8th (2008) and 19th (2007).


I guess I’ll change my tune. Roy can take care of himself.

* On a side note it’s nice to see Pirates recently re-signed Paul Maholm’s 2008 season come in 15th. Former Jay David Bush cracks the list at #7 during his stellar 2006 season.

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  1. says: Callum

    It is interesting to note that the majority of these guys are sinkerball pitchers. It makes sense, as they are pitching to contact to get the groundball out in as few pitches as possible.

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