Series Preview: TOR vs NYY

I apologize for the brevity of this series preview: I’m  pressed for time.

I’m going to skip my standard previous series rant wrap-up and jump right into TOR vs NYY three game series opposing pitching match-ups.

Game 1: David Phelps

When CC went down, the Yankees turned to then mop-up duty pitcher David Phelps, giving him a starting gig. He’s been effective and has pitched himself into additional starts, even with Sabathia’s return from the DL.

Phelps, 25, is a righty that has had success throughout his proffesional career. He has a career 2.51 ERA in five minor league seasons, including a very impressive 1.89 ERA in 15 AA starts in the sometimes hitter happy Eastern League. In his 2012 MLB stint he has 66 K in 63 IP.

Phelps throws a 90 – 94 MPH fastball, a hard 84 – 88 MPH slider, a power, 12-6 curve in the low 80’s, and a low-mid 80’s change. Against RH he throws his fastball in and away. He also likes to throw his slider and curve outside to RH.

With two strikes he works almost exclusively away with all three pitches.

Against LH Phelps adds in his change-up. He throws almost everything away, except his slider, which he likes to sweep inside.

Game 2: Phil Hughes

I covered Hughes stuff a few weeks back in Series Preview: Jays vs Yankees (August 10th).

He started against the Jays on August 12th, and Toronto beat him up, with 9 hits, 7 ER, 10 well-hit balls and 1 HR in only 4 IP.

In that start Hughes kept his pitches low and glove side:

And hits via location:

Hughes has made two starts since August 12th. His location in these starts indicate that he either had an off-day in Toronto or he has learned his lesson:

Game 3: CC Sabathia

Recently returned from the DL (throwing 100 pitches vs CLE), Sabathia, the potential HOF southpaw, is truly a ‘pitcher’. He’s constantly within the strike zone (66.8% strike percentage, 90th percentile), and he excels in the lower half (36.5% chase rate in lower half of the zone, 94th percentile).

2012 Location:

CC is primarily a two pitch pitcher vs LHB, throwing fastballs across the zone and sliders low and away.

Against RHB CC relies upon his fastball, which he uses to set-up his slider and change. He also mixes in a curveball at a 5% clip.

Sabathia’s achilles heel this season has been the first inning. Opponents are batting .286/.341/.464 and have scored 17 runs in 21 starts.

Sources: ESPN True Media, Google Images

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