Speediest GIDP Leaders of 2008

Speediest GIDP Leaders of 2008

Grouding into a double play is inferiating when watching your favorite team. From a sabermetrical standpoint it’s the worst thing you can do (while values vary from system to system one thing is certain, a GIDP is statistically far worse than a K, CS, FO, etc). Even from a non-statistical standpoint it can change games, momentum, etc.

Now GIDP are going to happen, that’s just a fact of life. But I absolutley can’t stand watching a player with speed hit into too many of them. Two of the best “speed demons” playing today, Ichiro and Jose Reyes, do a good job at staying out of the double play.

Jose Reyes




Speed is difficult to judge from a statistical standpoint. For this test I’ve used stolen bases. Of course stolen bases require more than just speed. Judgement is needed and certainly the system and manager have a great influence on SB totals. Pick this apart if you wish, as many wholes are present. Still, from a simplistic interest standpoint the players on this list should still be noted. The list below consists of players from the 2008 season that had 20 or more steals, yet found a way to hit into 15 or more double plays.

2008 GIDP => 15, SB =>20


These five will certainly look to improve upon their 2008 GIDP performances.

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