Spring Training Roundup


My spring training trip is now over and I am sad.  But also happy, because opening day is around the corner.  If you missed my coverage of the Jays spring training this past week, you can access it all below:

As well, we have some coverage from 2009 if you are interested:

What I learned from this spring training experience had nothing to do with the team. It was that Toronto’s fanbase is not as Ontario-centric as I originally perceived it to be.  Jays fans in Dunedin came from all over Canada: Okotoks Alberta, Kelowna British Columbia, New Brunswick and the North Western Territories.. to name but a few.

Although I don’t have great expectations for the team to win many games, I know that it will be fun watching them try.  I now have a sense of optimism that I never had before, thanks to this spring training.

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  • Yay for the shout out to non Ontario based Fans (I’m in Nova Scotia, where most people are Boston fans, but the smart ones go for the only Canadian team)

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  • Mastin

    This is by far the best writing that has come out of the Jays blogosphere this year. You were spot on about Brian Tallet!!!