Spring Training Roundup

My spring training trip is now over and I am sad.  But also happy, because opening day is around the corner.  If you missed my coverage of the Jays spring training this past week, you can access it all below:

As well, we have some coverage from 2009 if you are interested:

What I learned from this spring training experience had nothing to do with the team. It was that Toronto’s fanbase is not as Ontario-centric as I originally perceived it to be.  Jays fans in Dunedin came from all over Canada: Okotoks Alberta, Kelowna British Columbia, New Brunswick and the North Western Territories.. to name but a few.

Although I don’t have great expectations for the team to win many games, I know that it will be fun watching them try.  I now have a sense of optimism that I never had before, thanks to this spring training.

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3 replies on “Spring Training Roundup”
  1. says: Alain

    Yay for the shout out to non Ontario based Fans (I’m in Nova Scotia, where most people are Boston fans, but the smart ones go for the only Canadian team)

  2. says: Mastin

    This is by far the best writing that has come out of the Jays blogosphere this year. You were spot on about Brian Tallet!!!

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