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I have to admit, I’ve been bored with the Blue Jays over the past month or so. After the flurry of activity in the latter part of 2012, I’ve found it hard to get exciting over new hats, rehearsed sound bites, and the revolving AAAA player changes to the 40 man roster.

Personally, spring games can’t come quickly enough. And that’s with the knowledge that they mean next to nothing.

In a effort to ‘gear myself up’ for the 2013 season, I hit up and checked out current Jays 2012 spring results. As expected, these results are really just a masterbatory process; these stats aren’t overly useful. Still, I’d rather tinker with a few stats instead of bitching about a maple leaf on the front of a cap.


Offensive Players

Somewhat Predictive

Bautista: .288/.345/.635 in 55 PA; , 4 HR, 3 BB, 6 K

Edwin Encarnacion: .306/.343/.581; 2 K, 13 K in 64 PA

Davis: .666 OPS, 7 steals in 51 PA; 6 BB vs 4 K – OPS,  steals in check. Somewhat of a tease in terms of K/BB rate

Rasmus: .185/.274/.241; 17 K in 61 PA – The real K man

Lawrie: .524/.535/.810 0 HR, 8 2B, 2 3B in 43 PA – Lack of HR power after burst in 2011

Reyes: .311/.344.475; 3 SB, 3 BB vs 8 SO

Melky Cabrera: .343/.370/.629; 4 HR, 3 BB, 10 K, 6 2B, 1 3B


Eric Thames – 70 PA, .359/.408/.578 , 6 BB, 14 K



Somewhat Predicative

Drabek BB/K rate: 19.1 IP, 9 BB, 14 K, 2 HR – High walk rate

Cecil: 21 Hits in 16.2 IP – Had a hard time retiring hitters from the get-go in 2012

Morrow: 17.1 IP, 10 hits, 3 BB vs 12 K

Johnson: 22.1 IP, 21 hits, 10 BB vs 24 K – Johnson got off to a slow start in the 2012 season but was dominant for a stretch before tiring out. I could live with a line like this (minus a few walks) during the 2013 regular season.

Dickey: 17.1 IP, 4 BB vs 12 K, 12 hits – Uptick in K’s, hard to hit; hardly a clear indicator towards 2012 success.

Better in regular season

Oliver: 7 IP, 10 hits, 5 runs, 2 BB vs 4 K – Veteran pitcher, likely working out kinks, etc

Buehrle: 17.2 IP, 24 hits, 14 runs, 4 HR, 4 BB vs 12 K


Romero: 11 IP, 2 hits, 0 runs, 2 BB vs 10 K – Great K rate, great BB rate, was nearly un-hittable. Even if Romero posts great stats this spring, I’ll need to see a string of quality regular season starts to get ‘back on board’.

Sources: for spring stats, google images for Jays Hat.

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