Spring Training Success Carrying Over to Regular Season?


‘Spring Training results don’t mean a thing’

That’s the accepted logic around baseball circles. I must admit that I’m a subscriber.

The following teams placed in the top 5 for respective Cactus and Grapefruit league standings. Teams in bold are above .500 (as of 04/27/10) in this years regular season.

San Francisco, Cleveland, San Diego, Chicago Cubs, Colorado

Tampa, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston

That’s six of ten teams. The surprising San Diego Padres had a good spring, along with the AL East leading Rays.

Here are the bottom 5 in standings for each league. Once again .500+ regular season records are in bold

Cincinnati, Oakland, Seattle, LA Dodgers, Texas

Houston, NY Yankees, Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh

Only three of ten are .500 or above. Accepted ‘garbage’ teams such as the Pirates, Astros and Nationals are on the list.

What does this prove? A whole lot of nothing. Still, it’s odd to see spring results mirror the early portion of the regular season.

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