SS: Johnny Mac vs Marco Scutaro

Jays 2009 SS: Johnny Mac vs Marco Scutaro

mcdonald-ss-2009.png VS scutaro-ss-2009.png

It all comes down to winning. Throw out your OPS, VORP, +/-, etc and let’s just focus on wins from the shortstop position.

I ran a very simple test. In games started as the SS position, what ended up being the Toronto Blue Jays win-loss record when Johnny Mac started vs Marco Scutaro? Players only had to start the game, not finish it (allowing a few McDonald starts where he was lifted for a PH). A few games where Scutaro was moved to SS in the latter stages were not counted. SS starts only.

And the answer is in… it was basically even. The Jays were 32 – 22 in games started by McDonald and 31 – 23 in games started by Scutaro.

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One reply on “SS: Johnny Mac vs Marco Scutaro”
  1. says: eyebleaf

    This is a tough one. I have a lot of man love for both J-Mac and Scoot. If the team is hitting like it’s supposed to, I’d probably go with Mac. If the team continues to swing pencils, I’d have to go with Scoot.

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